Happy November!

Tis the season to begin bonding over food, for the rest of the year!
Happy November everyone! We’re finally in the home-stretch here at BU! Only about a month left until Finals start, then we’ll be heading home for Christmas Break! On another note, I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! Ball on the Belle was a blast and it was great seeing everyone in their funny costumes! Here’s a picture of me and my suitemates. I was Hello Kitty, Jessica was a Crayola Crayon, Miriam was a Greek Goddess and Julie was a Devil! :)

Something I’d like to mention about College life is how much it revolves around food. Food is always a great way to bond and catch up with friends, whether it’s grabbing a bagel in Cafe Ogle, dinner in the University Dining Hall, or having snacks in the dorm room. I went home last night and my mom surprised me with a pumpkin pie to bring back to campus… since I couldn’t eat it all by myself, I decided to post a little thing on Facebook saying I have pumpkin pie to share. Within thirty seconds, I had two friends knocking on my door asking for a piece… it ended up being a really fun time getting to hang out with friends over some lovely Thanksgiving food :) Can’t wait for actual Thanksgiving break!

Like I said before, we’re in the home-stretch now when it comes to classes! Keep your heads up everyone, we’re almost done! And enjoy it! :)

Song of the Day: “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida. It’s a happy dancing song :)

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About Marissa

Hi everyone! I’m Marissa, and I’m a junior at Bellarmine University. I am studying Communications with a Business Administration minor and I’m lucky to also take part as a Blogger and the Public Relations chair of Phi Mu! I am the Dan R. Ison Communications Scholarship Recipient, as well as in the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society. I’m from LaGrange, Kentucky, a small town that's just a short thirty minute drive from campus, but I live on campus during the school year. I love the color purple, things that sparkle, and getting to immerse myself in a good book. Join me as I travel through college life, striving day by day to make this world a better place, and see what it’s like to be a Bellarmine Knight!

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