Back Again

Alright blog land I know it has been awhile but I’m back from break and ready to tell you all about my super awesome and exciting break.  I went back to Ohio to see some friends and chill with the family.  I proceeded to come back to Louisville and spend the rest of my break conquering Dead Island and watching so much Netflix my eyes almost fell out.  Pretty high speed stuff I know.  It was a little difficult to keep up with it all.  Needless to say I’m more than happy that all the friends are back in town and I once again have a social life.

Winter break is finally over and with our return comes a brand spanking new semester full of all the glories that come with it.  BU basketball is in full swing.  While I personally don’t attend the games I hear good things so go Knights!  Of course, classes have once again taken the forefront, or at least top ten, in all college students’ mind.  Professors are already loading everyone down with tests, papers, speeches, and projects. With all this stuff to do I am going to take this long weekend where I could get a head start on all the stuff I really need to do and go to the lake and put it off as long as possible.  The lake just sounds like more fun.  I’ll be sure to let everyone know how my procrastination and my lake trip went in my next post.

Over the break I was reading an article on all the stuff that today’s college freshman have never been exposed to in their life.  For example, they have never live in a world without the internet, cell phones, or cable television.  They don’t know why OJ Simpson is famous and never saw Cheers.  So in an effort to keep one of the greatest shows of all time alive and well in our hearts I give you today’s song.

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About tyler

My name is Tyler Thomas Cope. I attend Bellarmine Unversity as a history and psychology major. I plan on getting my Masters degree in teaching from the University of Louisville. I am a member of the 223rd Military Police Company as well as the University of Louisville's ROTC program. I'm from a small town just north of Dayton, Ohio. I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, fishing, water skiing, reading, listening to music, and movies.

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