About aschult01

Hi, I am Andrew Schult. I am a very outgoing guy with a good sense of humor. I am a devout Catholic, and I am very involved in athletics and a variety of other activites including ping pong, dancing, and trivia.

Finals- oh the horror!!

As I enter finals week, I am but one of few that actually are excited for it. I love finals week. You get the most sleep!! For the people who will disagree and smite me continue reading before you pass judgement. I learn by listening throughout the year and taking information in over a long period of time. I realize that my classes are made this way, being a FLIS major and all, but I think that cramming or “all nighters” are unnecessary and inane. I love being able to study for an hour and relax. It makes stress non-existent and it makes you more prepared for a test when you have adequate sleep. I think people should stop waiting to learn everything until the end and constantly just stay up to date on all the information for the test. Maybe I am just weird, but bring finals week faster!!!

“He who knows best knows how little he knows”
Thomas Jefferson

Oh the horror! Oh the pain! Oh the annoying political advertisements taking up the majority of the commercials on television!


(A little bit of my feelings on Election Time)


This Election was a very important one for a couple of reasons. The first being the economic stability of the great nation I call the USA. Obama and Romney, the two primary candidates, both had less than mediocre plans to stabilize this country in the first place, but as the primaries picking the one that was a lesser evil was necessary. America failed. Obama had four years to fix our economy from the Bush taxes (which he claims are still going on) (wrong, you had 4 years to do anything, and you made it worse) but did not. However, Romney’s plan was not at all perfect but it did have similarities with tax cuts to individuals to allow spending the same way Regan did in his terms. Let us keep in mind that our economy was at it highest during the Regan era. That being said, we have a slight premonition of the direction our economy is going. Greece. Not to be specific or anything….


Anyways…. This was just my opinion of one of the main issues. Even with all the being said, we have a president and as an American citizen I have to stand behind and support my president in his decisions, whether i agree with them or not. So here is one final hoorah for Romney, but a welcome and GOOD LUCK (PLEASE FIX YOUR PLANS) to Obama.




Fall Break

A break is a time to relax right? Never in my case. My friends carried me up to The Notre Dame University for a football game on Saturday. Wow. A beautiful stadium, campus, and plenty of rain. I loved the atmosphere of a campus with football and enjoyed the first of many college football games I will get to see in person.

The next day we drove home and arrived at 2 am. I spent the next two days with my lovely parents eating at my favorite restaurants and spending time together.

Fall Break. A time for reflection and for adventure. Whoever said a break was just to relax anyway?


Bellarmine- the beautiful campus

Bellarmine’s Siennas are well known for their beauty and elegance. As I sit here and write a paper outside of the Palio, it really puts things into perspective about how really nice this campus truly is. A lot of scenery, beautiful dorms, spots to get away, and an overall sense of belonging that it brings to each and every student. I am so grateful to be a student at Bellarmine for so many reasons. This campus offers so many things to help you truly tap into yourself and in my opinion find yourself. I believe that everything has a reason in life and I believe that this campus, and this student body was put here to grow as a family, go out into the world, and change lives. Bellarmine you are one beautiful campus and I thank you for the lives you have changed and the lives you will change.


What Grinds My Gears-Drivers who cannot Park!!!

As I walk down the parking lot of, well wherever I am, I always come across the infamous terrible park job. We all know what it looks like, crooked cars, big cars not in the middle of the lines, etc… I don’t get it! How much of a rush are you in that you cannot even straighten your car so the rest of us have a little bit of room! The worst is when people park so bad and YOU are in a rush and you have no parking spot!! It has been happening at Bellarmine quite a bit lately and I don’t like it one bit! There needs to be a second driving test for parking. Once I am President of the United States I will institute a law stating you must pass this part of the test before you can drive as well. (Just kidding about being President. Unless it actually happens)

Worldly travelers unite!

Is it just me or do we, as in the people who live in the united states of America, lack the traveling of the world as the rest of the world does? Talking to people from Australia, Italy, Germany, France, and other places I realize how much we as a nation are not worldly travelers. There are people who take months at a time to go and visit the world just because! I think it’s great! I think that we as a nation would really benefit from traveling the world. Seeing
other nations, understanding there problems, and experiencing more than just a twenty mile radius of “home” could really do good here. I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but the world is calling!

A new year at Bellarmine!!

The smaller living quarters, the hills, the familiar and new faces, all things that coming back for a new year brings and boy do I love it. The new year brings new classes, new students, and most importantly new experiences. The campus is looking better than ever and the increase in students is only adding to it. With a new year comes more responsibilities than the last which can either make or break someone’s college career, and ultimately their life career as well. Being involved is important but being overcommitted is never a good thing. Becoming a part of the Bellarmine family is something everyone should actively do by getting involved with something on campus. I sure did this year and I am so excited I am. This year is going to be another great one and I am so excited for the challenges and experiences I am going to come across!!


What Grinds My Gears- Ignorant College Basketball Fans

Oh yes, I am going there. I am not going to name a specific fan base of ignorant fans *cough UK *cough. But one thing that really grinds my gears are those people who cannot win with class. First off, ACT like you have been there before! UK fans HAVE been there, they win all the time. Second, what good does it do for your team’s reputation when you rub it in the face of everyone you see after you win? Not much! It is kind of annoying actually. I do acknowledge the fact that every fan base has those fans. BUT some are obviously more prevalent than others. I think we all need to realize we, as fans, actually, unless we played on the team, did literally nothing for the team besides being a fan. We did not cause them to win, or help them score another point, we rooted for them. The players played the game and the coaches coached=direct cause of winning. Rooting?= not direct cause of winning. I rest my case…

What Grinds My Gears- Classlessness

March, the best and the worst time of the year. College basketball is in the crazy stage of March Madness, and we all know what that means for fans around the country. Classlessness. People have lost the ability to win with class. When my team wins, i enjoy it, and then I MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE. I do not rub it in people’s faces and i do not talk about it for the next twenty weeks. First off, in reality we have nothing to do with the team winning unless we actually are on the team. I think this is another rising epidemic, and it needs to be shut down. As a very big college basketball fan, I am around it all the time. People constantly telling me how their team beat mine, or going deep into history to prove their program is better than the team i follow. Ridiculous. Well, i guess that is why they call is Madness….




Spring Time!

Well, it’s spring time here at Bellarmine, and there are always a couple of ways you can tell. First, walk anywhere on campus and see people outside studying or reading, or even just hanging around. Second, the weather! The sun is shining, and then BAM! Hail, snow, and rain! Ah the terrible weather of springtime Louisville. Spring time is a good time for some changes. People often change their clothes, their shoes, and sometimes their attitudes (when necessary). Spring time at Bellarmine is upbeat and happy and definitely an uplifting time of the year!