About aschult01

Hi, I am Andrew Schult. I am a very outgoing guy with a good sense of humor. I am a devout Catholic, and I am very involved in athletics and a variety of other activites including ping pong, dancing, and trivia.

A little deeper about me…


I do not understand. What is the my purpose? What is anyones purpose? All i can do is sit back, and try to do my best making the people i love become closer to God, and showing them what actual love is. But wait; what if i cant do it all. What if something happens and i am unable to produce the reason i was put on this earth. I have to be the best. Nothing less. Then everyone will understand. Then everyone will realize what true love is. It does not matter where i am going, or who I will have contact with in my life. The fact of the matter is that i have one job. And i am going to be the very best at that. No matter who meets me, or who sees me. Something will happen. I am gonna change their life. I am going to change the lives of so many people. All in a positive way. Me? I am so lucky. I was given so many talents, and so much to look forward to in life. I am sharing everything that was given to me so that everyone can have what i had. I do not care if the way i am doing it is the best way possible, because i know that i am going to make an impact. It does not matter who, i know that i have something to share with everyone. My family. They can learn from me, and i can learn from them. Do i show them that i love them enough? Do they know that i would die for each and every one of them, without a doubt. They are so important to me. I never want to lose my family. Tell your family you love them. Tell everyone you love as often as possible. You never know when they are going to be gone.

What Grinds my Gears- STRESS

Now that school is back in session and really back into the swing of things, stress starts slowly creeping back. I, from a very young age, realized that stress is completely worthless. I would love to hear a good reason to stress out. Anyone? Comment and tell me because i seriously cannot think of any. Think about it. Stressing does not get anything done, it causes emotional issues, and it certainly makes the people around you less likely to want to be around you. Stress is a sad epidemic that is quickly infecting everyone, young and old. We need to put an end to this soon, and the only way i see us getting rid of this would definitely have to be one thing and one thing only.

Back to School

Back at school, and very excited to be here. Saw all of my friends, and have been spending a good amount of time catching up. Intramurals are starting up soon for basketball, and other sports which should be a very exciting time. There was a tornado warning already, we beat NKU, it was MLK day…. Wow what a busy two weeks. Cannot wait to see what else happens this semester and it feels so great to be back!!

What Grinds My Gears- BAD DRIVERS.

You know what really grinds my gears? Bad Drivers. When are we going to start teaching people the correct way to drive? People do not understand that the speed limit means you can go up to that speed! It is ridiculous driving on the interstate behind people who make their own speed limits! Get off the road! We need to start reteaching driving every twenty years or so. That way people can stay sharp and also everyone who cannot drive and are too old to drive will not be able to. This will cut down on pollution from cars, and traffic. Bad Drivers are going to be the end of me.

What Grinds my Gears- COFFEE.

Ya know what really grinds my gears? Coffee drinkers. Where do you get off? You are publicly taking part in the drinking of a drug. Yeah i said it, a drug. Coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine is one of the most addicting drugs there are. Yes i do admit that occasionally i will partake in the abuse of caffeine within soda, but NEVER will i drink coffee. This is an epidemic and we need to fix this issue before our society starts to rely on Coffee like America relies on fast food. Coffee is an enemy of mine that i have been working against since ‘Nam. (just kidding, i am not that old) But i will forever be in the quest of making this addicting drug go away forever.


I recently was asked the question; What are you going to do with your life? I had to think for a little bit at first, but then i decided my answer would be very simple. Good. I told the person good. That is the entire point of living, in my opinion, and if you do not do “good” in your life then you should question why you are not. I knew that this answer would not be sufficient to answer the question, so I thought about the actual profession I want to go into. I told them I am going to be a Clinical Pyschologist. I plan on opening my own firm somewhere in my hometown of Edgewood, Kentucky, or go to Germany and open a firm there. That is what makes me different than other regular Clinical Pyschologists. Keep that in mind. You always need to differentiate yourself. I want to help as many people in the world that I can. I believe that in this profession I will be able to help a very good amount of people and hopefully change their lives.

Fall Break-2011

I went home for fall break and soon realized how important Bellarmine had become to me in the last couple of weeks. I found myself constantly thinking about different memories and different people that have had some sort of impact on me. I spoke to ten or eleven different people who were interested in Bellarmine, and I could not stop giving out complements to its beautiful campus, and outstanding academic status. When I told adults where I went to college they seemed to gain a little more respect for me because of that fact. Bellarmine has upped my status in such a little time and it has already impacted me in a way that is very noticeable. When i got back to Bellarmine only a couple of days ago, I caught myself smiling at times when I saw people I had not seen in since I left for the break. It is refreshing to know that my college journey is going so well and the friends i have already made have given me memories that will last a lifetime. I guess you could say I was destined to be at Bellarmine. Plus, my mother told me the other day that it was fate that I was going to be a Knight because my dog’s name is Knight…. :D

About me

Hello. I am Andrew Schult, and I am a freshman at Bellarmine University studying Psychology with a minor in German and a Minor in Business. I currently am a member of CSA, Day and Knight, and the intramural programs. I spend my days studying, hanging out with the new friends i have made, playing sports at the SuRF, reading trivial pursuit cards for fun, playing ping pong, dancing, going to mass or praying the rosary in the chapel, watching movies, and other random things around campus. I am extremely outgoing, and always ready to try something new. I love meeting new people and getting to know them inside and out. When I get older I hope to be a clinical Psychologist and travel the world with my family like I did when I was younger. I know who I am and what i believe in, and I always will stick up for what I believe in. I am always up for a challenge and I can not wait to start the rest of my life. But until thenĀ  I am enjoying life and enjoying Bellarmine (which is pretty easy to do). I am very open, so if you see me around, feel free to say hello!!