About Bianca

I'm an owner of two pitbull brothers that I adopted. Nothing makes me happier than teaching them a new trick.

Graduation & Regional Champs

On Tuesday my mom was visiting me from Chicago to come with me to the Graduation Fair. I was able to pick up my cap and gown and take my graduation pictures. I can’t believe I am less than two months from graduating! It is such a bittersweet feeling. I am sad to leave Bellarmine but I feel fully prepared to enter the next chapter in my life. I have applied to two Anatomy Masters programs, one at Loyola University and the other at Rush University. I am still waiting to hear back from them. Keep your fingers crossed! :) After completing the masters program I plan to apply to medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. It’s a long road but it will definitely be worth it. I encourage all those considering the medical field to start planning early, and stay focused on your studies. During my freshmen year I had a hard time adjusting, mainly because of being homesick, and my grades suffered. Because of this my current GPA is affected and I now have to seek an alternate route to medical school. It will be two years longer with the masters program as opposed to applying in junior year. Even though I know it will take longer, I know I can reach my goal and the masters program will only benefit me in medical school. So take advantage of the resources at Bellarmine such as your advisor, the career center and the pre-med committee. They will help you stay on path and keep you focused on the ultimate goal.

Also this week, I went to the Sweet Sixteen game with my mom where we saw the Bellarmine Knights become the Midwest Regional Champions. It was so much fun to cheer them on and I can’t wait to watch the Elite 8 game next Wednesday. Hopefully the Knights will become the NCAA Division II Champions… AGAIN! :)



ImageMy mom and I representing. ;)

Being a Biology Major at Bellarmine

I don’t think I could have chosen a better school to be a Biology major at. I absolutely LOVE the biology classes at Bellarmine, and especially all the faculty. Being only three months away from graduating, I have been focused on my plans for after graduation and my professors have helped me greatly! I have decided to apply to a masters program in Anatomy and Cell Biology at a few Chicago schools, and later apply to medical school. I know that my Biology degree from Bellarmine has really prepared me for this path.

In my junior year I took Gross Anatomy which was one of my favorite classes at Bellarmine. My professor was Dr. Porta, who is also my academic advisor. Dr. Porta’s dedication to the field of anatomy makes him such a great professor, one who is willing to help both inside and outside of class. This class was one of the greatest experiences I have had at Bellarmine, an opportunity the majority of undergraduates will never experience. In my class there were about seven cadavers and throughout the semester, groups of four students learned the anatomy of their cadaver through dissection. This hands-on experience was amazing and I couldn’t imagine learning the human anatomy any other way. Yeah, at first it was weird knowing I was cutting open a dead body, but I quickly overcame this awkward feeling when I realized the opportunity I was receiving.

Below is a picture of me dissecting my cadaver in Gross Anatomy. In the background you can see a blurred view of another group. I got this image from one of the Bellarmine videos   and it has many captions of our Gross Anatomy Lab. I attached the video at the bottom.

Among Bellarmine having excellent Biology courses, the reason I love the Biology department so much is the amazing faculty. Not only do the professors know my name, but they actually know who I am, a rarity among bigger schools. Today, for example I had a meeting with three of the Biology professors in one day! I met with the Chair of the Biology Department, Dr. Lentz, and we discussed my graduate school plans as well as other topics. He was engaged in what I had to say and not only did he agree to write a letter of recommendation for me, but he is also going to help me edit my personal statement. Not just a teacher’s assistant or a professor but THE CHAIR OF THE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT! I have been to other universities where not only do the professors not know their students names, but some of the students don’t even know the professors name. But at Bellarmine the Biology professors are always willing to help their students in any way they can.

Dr. Bennett is the head of the Pre-Med committee, who advises those who are interested in attending medical school, as well as the Physiology professor. After meeting with him today about my plans for the future, I felt very well prepared for my endeavors. He shared with me important information about the schools I want to apply to, as well as advice about which path to take. Helping the pre-medical students is very important to him and I would highly recommend visiting him if you’re interested in attending medical school. His office is full of resources for you, including MCAT books and information about certain medical schools.

My biology courses and professors have fully prepared me for what I have planned. I feel very confident with my biology education and I know that if I ever needed guidance I could ask my professors for advice. By taking their classes, seeing them on campus, meeting them in their office and even having lunch with them, I have developed great relationships with my Biology professors, which is one of the main reasons I love being a Bellarmine student.

Biology Club with the Biology Professors

A New Year, A New Home

This semester I decided to move off campus, and so far I love it! I moved into a two bedroom apartment with my Bellarmine roomie about five minutes from campus. There are many positives to living off campus, as well as some negatives. I will miss eating at Kosters every night, however I love making my own meals at home. The biggest thing I will miss on campus is the convenience of being so close to my classes and FREE LAUNDRY! When I visited Bellarmine for the first time in February 2008 (before all of the beautiful additions to the campus) I fell in love with the school. I was sad as I was checking out of my dorm, but I’m ready to become more independent. So far I’m very happy in my new place and am looking forward to the rest of the semester. :)

Me and Kirby in our new living room. :)Image

Una Latina con Pelo Diferente

When I finally had some free time last Wednesday, I watched the Latin Grammys and I LOVED it! I got to see a lot of my favorite artists like Prince Royce, Wisin y Yandel, Pitbull, Marc Anthony and so many more!!! My long-time idol, Shakira, won the 2011 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year. She was so honored and I was amazed listening to her speech and watching her performance. Watching the Latin Grammys made me embrace my culture and be really proud to be Hispanic. Here is my favorite performance of the night by Pitbull and Marc Anthony. Their performance reminded me of nights I went dancing with my best friend and boyfriend… after I did my homework of course!

Last night I decided I needed a change. I went and had a LOT of my hair cut and dyed it too!! My hair was so long, it was all one length almost to my belly button and now it’s a few inches past my shoulders with layers and bangs. A MAJOR difference to me. I also dyed it black. I’m still getting used to it but I really like it so far, even though I miss my long hair sometimes. It was really fun, and super messy, dying my hair with my roommate.

Before I dyed it.

I have so much hair!

Super messy!

My new hair! :)

Family Weekend 2011

I had such a great time this weekend! My mom and Nick drove down from Chicago to visit me for the Wizarding World of Bellarmine University Family Weekend. I was on the committee this year so I was really excited for them to see all the hard work our team did to put the event together. My role on the committee was creating props and I was responsible for making the Golden Snitches, broomsticks and the “Have You Seen This Wizard?” signs. Here are some pictures of our magical adventure!

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It was so great to spend time with my mom and boyfriend for the weekend. One of our favorite parts of Family Weekend was the Magic Show on Saturday. It was the first magic show I had seen in person and the magician was absolutely amazing. I’m still trying to figure out some of his tricks!! We also went to Howl at the Moon on 4th Street Friday night. It was my first time there and I had a blast. They have two pianos on stage, as well as a drummer, and people can request any song and the musicians will play them. It was awesome! They could play anything and some of my favorites were “I Love this Bar” by Kenny Chesney, “Love Rollercoaster” by Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard. On Saturday night I went to the movies with Nick to see Paranormal Activity 3. It was SUPER scary but I loved it! Since we won’t be spending Halloween together it was a good way to celebrate a little early. Before my mom and boyfriend left on Sunday we all went to Boombozz on Bardstown Rd. to watch the Bears game against the Buccaneers. We got to enjoy some delicious pizza and watch the Bears victory in London. I couldn’t have asked for a better Family Weekend!! :)

Family Weekend!!

I’ve been so busy with Family Weekend and it has finally arrived! This year our theme is the Wizarding World of Bellarmine University. We are turning BU into Hogwarts and I am SOOOOO excited!!! My mom and boyfriend are coming down from Chicago for the weekend so I can’t wait to see them either. I will post pictures of the magical transformation on campus soon so stay tuned!!

Friday Fun on Campus

I had such a stressful week that when it was finally Friday I was ready for some fun. After our Friday classes, my good friend Hannah and I decided to goof for off a bit. Hannah was the first person I met at Bellarmine at SOAR, and we’ve been best friends ever since. She’s also a Biology major so we’ve been in the same classes since Freshman year. She is always there for me in the ups and downs and I love her to pieces! <3

:) We went around the campus taking pictures and making our own music videos.

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The first picture is of us being super happy to be taking a picture  OUTSIDE of the library. Next is Hannah in front of our campus’ infamous exploding cube. The following two are pictures of me in front of my favorite building, the Norton Health Science Center. The last picture is us showing our BU pride with our shadows.

And here is our “music video.” We were walking on campus and listening to music so I decided to record us!

I had so much relieving some stress after a long week. Laughter really does make everything better! :D

Stay Positive

I had a really great Labor Day weekend. My boyfriend came down from Chicago to visit me and we went to WorldFest downtown, a club called Coconut Beach and had a barbecue at the Waterfront Park. Below is a picture of us in front of the Belle of Louisville on the Ohio River.

 It was so great to see him but when he left on Monday I was feeling rather homesick. Being five hours away from home is hard, but I try to stay busy. Doing homework, working, exercising and hanging out with friends keeps my homesickness away… most of the time.

I returned from a relaxing and fun weekend to a very hectic week filled with homework, meetings, orientations and exams. I received some disappointing news that I might not be able to finish my Spanish minor before I graduate. During freshmen year, I didn’t take any of the general requirements (such as English, Philosophy or Theology). Because of this, my senior year is packed!! I wish I could go back and take some of those classes to ease my workload now. My last semester I need to take 3 GenEds, 2 Biology courses and 1 Spanish course (for my minor) to graduate on time. This is over the 19 credit hour maximum so I might have to drop my Spanish minor. :( I will be meeting with my advisor on Friday to discuss this dilemma and hopefully we can work something out. Until then, I have to stay positive and hope for the best!

Beginning of My Last Year

Well, I officially began my senior year. It’s a bittersweet feeling to know that this will be my last year as a student at Bellarmine. So far, I love all my classes. This semester I’m taking Ecology, Introduction to Psychology, Medical Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Theology and my junior IDC. It seems like a lot of classes but I tried to spread them out between morning and night classes so I think I’ll be okay.

This was my first weekend back in Louisville and I went to my first toga party! It was a lot of fun hanging out with a bunch of people in sheets. :)

 I spent the rest of the weekend unpacking my things and organizing my room. I am very glad to be back to Bellarmine but I am also glad that this will be the last year of packing and unpacking my whole room!