About Pj

What can I say about myself? Well I'm young and try to stay fit. I love to smile and just make others do the same and just be generally happy.My outlook on life is always a positive one, I would consider myself an optimistic person for life. Ive been told that I would outlive all my friends because I'm always laughing and just being lighthearted and not taking everything too serious. Real easy going but I know what I want for my future so I'm always gunning for it.MINDSET

Positivity is Key


This post is dedicated to my friends that are struggling with something in their lives. Whether it be; relationship issues, thinking about your future, deciding what to do in regards to said future, stress on different levels, and to the friends that no matter the problem are able to stay positive this is for you my friends.

I,at least in my mind, do not claim to be the best person in the world. I make mistakes and I don’t always make the correct decision. At the end of the day I try to learn from the bad I make. I don’t complain about my life, or others, I just try to make my life better. The ups and downs of life happen for a multitude of different reasons. My belief is that people’s decisions determine their own prosperity, or lack there of.

But all these words about myself and what I believe mean something, right? All these words describe my outlook on life, an outlook that is continuously positive. My world view is that positivity is key. If you stay positive, you will find that all the boulders thrown your way are just balls of snow. A snowball stings, yes, but small amount of pain is doesn’t matter when you come to realize that it’s all a part of a bigger game of fun and happiness.

So to my friends that are struggling with their different stressors I say stay strong. Don’t let your troubles bring you down or torment you. Whatever the problem, just think about your decision and you will be just fine. But at the same time not everything can be done by yourself so, if you have a friend like myself that looks at the world in a brighter view then take advantage of them and talk to them because those types of people are usually always willing to listen. But if you don’t have one of those types of people in your life then look to those that you look up to, the people who you call mentor. Stress can be good sometimes but I see no real reason for it.

To all my friends that this is dedicated to, any thing is possible if you just believe. Have fun and enjoy life just remember…

Positivity is key.


Homecoming Week!!!

So this week has been Home Coming Week for BU Basketball and it has been as good as always! For me the week started of fantasticly with the annual Homecoming event, which this year was a scavanger hunt called “Where’s Bobby B?”. The scavanger hunt took the contestants across the campus following clues leading up to the conclusion where Bobby B was found. IMG_0720 This year my best friend Ryan and I were supposed to be competing together, unfortunately he got sick so I got one of my other best Friends Jay to take his place. Together we, as Team Bacon, ran across campus like mad men and when we finally got to the end we sadly only got third place. But regarless of not winning we had a great time. The remainder of homecoming week was grand as usual and it ends tonight with the Homecoming Game. The women play at 5:45 and the men play at 8:00 both I know are going to do fantastic! GO KNIGHTS!!!



Good Things Happen to Good People

Everyday we here or read stories about miracles happening to people. But for the most part we just write theses instances off as happenstance. We say or think ” This could never be me” or ” I wish I could be that person.” The truth is any person from the moment they know about the world are capable of having good things happen to them. It is the actions people take, the attitude people have, and decisions people make that determine when, where, how and if good things happen to them.
This semester I was almost unable to return to Bellarmine University. I would have had to take my spring semester off. But because of the grace of God and the power of positivity a great good was done for me and I am attending Bellarmine not only this spring but for my next, and final, year too. Because of this good thing does that make me a good person?
My definition of a good person is somebody that takes the time to do kindness’ for any and everyone, even the smallest add up. A good person makes every lemon into lemonade. A good person believes in the unbelievable. A good person smiles to bring others from tears and hugs to take away others fears. A good person sees all glasses half full or more. A good person has a song in their heart that’s about the joys of just being. A good person can be rich, poor, or in between. A good person knows not only the value of life but the value of living. A good person asks for nothing in return for their kindness. A good person would not proclaim themselves to be a good person, for that would debunk all actions from selfless to selfish.
With that being said, am I a good person? That’s for you to decide. Are you a good person? That’s for others to decide.


A Happy Halloween Birthday

Yesterday I turned 22 and it couldn’t have been a better day to do so. It was literally a perfect day! I got plenty of birthday wishes from family and friends and it made my birthday a very happy one. But besides the fact of October 31st being my birthday it is also one of the best holidays too, Halloween.

For the kids the day is full of candy, costumes, and ABC family. For most of the adults the day is full of candy, costumes, scary movies, etc. Halloween celebrations for the 19 to 26 age group happens on the weekend before Halloween if the holiday falls on a weekday. So that is how I celebrated my birthday and Halloween, last Saturday night with a few of my close friends at 4th Street Live’s Halloween Apocalypse.


I, dressed as a sexy SWAT team member, with three beautiful TMNT’s and a fantastic leading lady from Gossip Girls made the night fun and very entertaining. We all danced our behinds off as we hopped from club to club on 4th street.

Drama free was the name of the game for the night and success in that was accomplished. The only craziness was the dancing and hilarious moments that one could only get if they were actually there! When it comes to celebrating my birthday I prefer to make it a show and make it as much fun as possible. This years choice in making this happen was absolutely a good one to keep up the tradition.

Overall the weekend and the actual day made this 22nd celebration of my birth a fantastic one. I would just like to thank everybody who made it special for me, from my friend who posted on Facebook, to those that said “Happy Birthday” in person, and of course my great family! All of you are important to me, you make and keep me smiling on a daily basis. Hope everybody had a great Halloween!

Music for memories



Fun with Friends and Animals

As a previous post stated I did a lot of studying during my fall break, but I was also able to find the time to hang out with a few of my fantastic lady friends! Olivia, Shelby, Gretchen, Eveyln, and I took an awesome trip to the Louisville Zoo.

Olive, Sheldy, G. Luss, and I

After we arrived things took a turn for the even more awesome. The weather was beautiful and the animals were even more beautiful. Not to mention I was surrounded by 4 beautiful women for like three hours, who could ask for more! The afternoon never had a downside other than a few animals that weren’t on display. The four, soon turned five, of us had a blast just walking around,catching up on the semester, and enjoying the cool creatures at the zoo. We all were without a doubt big kids. The good times never stopped and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Sheldy, Olive, G. Luss

What made this zoo excursion even better was the fact that I hadn’t been to the Louisville zoo in like 12 years. So being able to see all the new attractions and animal habitats was spectacular. The added effect of the zoo decorating for Halloween made the adventure that much more fun.

Me and my new Bestie :)

Sheldy with my new Bestie :)



As it was time for me to take my leave I couldn’t help but think to myself how glad and blessed I was to have friends like these ladies and many other friends just like them. All of us, except Evelyn, are seniors at Bellarmine and I rarely get to see them so to be able to spend this time together is something that I will always cherish. So for those out there in their last year, whether high school or college, make the most out of moments like the one I had. Tomorrow is another day and the present is what matters and you won’t get another day just like it again.


A couple great songs for the particular moment




Capitalizing On Fall Break


Fall break is over now but those two days were much-needed and very well used this year.  Even though I worked the majority of the break I was still able to make the break something more than just two days of sleep, not saying that isn’t also okay to do on such a short break.

Study Time at the Pie Kitchen

That being said I wanted to make my break a productive one. During those two days I was able to do some monster studying and write a few papers for classes. My main goal was to get ahead in my classes. All in all I’d say I accomplished that goal with out a doubt. Even though I worked and did school work my fall break was decent, well needed, and well used.

A little study music that plays multiple times while I’m getting down to business.


Bacon Recipe

So it has been almost two years since my last post about Bacon. If you know me at all then you know that Batman and Bacon are tied in first place for things that I love the most (that aren’t actual people). This fall the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen reintroduced its Maple Nut ice cream, and it’s from that I bring you the first of many bacon oriented recipes.

Chocolate Chip Waffle Bacon Sundae


1.Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen Maple Nut Ice Cream

2. Fudge and/or Caramel

3. Freshly Chopped Bacon Bits (preferable pork but turkey can be substituted)

4. Whipped Cream

5. The MINDSET to eat Bacon

Calorie Count: It’s Bacon, who counts calories and eats Bacon, smh


1. Take a bowl big enough for the amount of ice cream you would like to use.

2. Put a little fudge and/or caramel on bottom of bowl

3. Sprinkle a few Bacon crumbles on top of selected liquid awesomeness

4. Scoop desired amount of Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen Maple Nut Ice Cream on top ( I usually use 1-2 scoops)

5. Add a little more fudge and/or caramel on top

Chocolate Chip Waffle Bacon Sundae

6. Sprinkle a lot more Bacon bit atop that

7. Beautifully swirl whipped cream on top

8. Sprinkle a very minute amount of Bacon bits on top


Now the reason it is called a Chocolate Chip Waffle Bacon Sundae is because it tastes like a chocolate chip waffle with bacon. It is quite tasty, and a great way to broaden your scope on Bacon awesomeness.

Mary Heeb enjoying this Bacon

Sheldy Bos and Mary Heeb enjoying that Bacon

A little song I have become accustomed to listening to on a regular basis!


The Importance of: Love

Love was put into the world to bring true happiness to those that are blessed enough to find it. Many search but many more don’t. Love isn’t for everyone but for the few that fall in love, true love, they know how that ultimate passion feels.

Ailise and Will

Love makes waking up everyday that much better, it gives better reason for everything around. It has the capability of outlasting any and all pitfalls, if it is meant to be.

Love changes a person sometimes for the bad, but the hope is always for the good. Many don’t know this about me but I’ve actually been in love, twice. My second love leaves Kentucky permanently today actually. Even though I will probably never see them again I made sure they knew without a doubt that I loved them; and that my love will stay with them forever. Me and this certain someone had many differences but none of that mattered because at the end of the day I still had that 100% love for them. That for me is what real love is.

But what does any of this have to do with college at all? Well I say these things because college is a place where ones mind is supposed to be open. College is the time where a person has the chance to experience things that they either thought they wouldn’t get to in a lifetime of couldn’t get to. The best time to be open and honest with who you are and what you want is one of the many definitions of college. The experiences you have, that I’ve had, make growth happen. And what is college other than a place to grow and to be come a better you, a better human, a better of love.

Songs to think about:

-One Direction: Moments

- Ellie Goulding: I Know You Care


Midterm Madness

It’s finally October!!! Pumpkins, candy corn, costumes, and… Mid-Terms sad face. Mid-terms can be a stressful time for many people, especially those pulling in 18 credit hours or more. Tests, papers, all the college stuff nobody wants to do. But just because you feel overwhelmed don’t let that stop you from studying properly and finding new ways to do it. This year I found a new way to make note cards, I’m using a site called quizlet.com. This site allows you to search for note cards already made or make your own sets. But best of all it actually has programs that will test your knowledge of what ever is on the set. Even better still, there is an iPhone app for it, so yea take your hand-typed note cards with you where ever you go (if you have a smart phone or tablet). I have already made six sets for my Cell Biology class and the site has been very useful and beneficial.

I’m sure there are multiple other ways to study better, you just have to search and you will find. I’ll leave you with this video that I have been using repeatedly to remember some of the information on my Cell Biology mid-term

Good Luck on those Mid-Terms!!



The Year Begins

Senior Year is here and only one word comes to mind, wow. Just yesterday I was graduating high school and now here I am a senior at Bellarmine University.Time has literally flown by and I have no idea how it went so fast unnoticed. Fortunately BU and fate have allowed me to start my year off spectacularly.

CREW Seniors

Since spring of my freshman year I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the best programs at Bellarmine, CREW! Every year is different from the last and every group of freshman has been very different from the previous. This year’s freshman made me feel fantastic and made my last year in CREW a great year.

The kids this year were a great group that made the entire program fun and exciting. Most memorable moment from my guys and girls of The Babbling Bumbling Band of Baboons, the moment they started calling me and my partner (Kara Garcia) Mom and Dad.

Baboons Assemble!!

Besides getting to be with my freshman, this year will be a great time for me to connect with new people and reconnect with my old friends. This year will be a great one, I can already tell. With week two of school starting today, the easiest part of the semester is ended. Some have already had tests and many have had quizzes but the one thing that should be remembered is that not matter the difficulty of things in school if you stay on top of your school work you will have plenty of time to have fun and enjoy college. So for all the people reading this that aren’t seniors, time really does fly so don’t miss out on that concert, that weekend party, or that event with your friends because you are behind.

Lets do it guys, enjoy life and enjoy college!