The Journey Continues…

Today I am spending my Friday in the library writing my personal statements for law school and hopefully completing some of my applications. I thought I had my prospective schools list narrowed down to just a handful but it seems that the more research I do, the longer my list becomes. Having an extensive school list wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t cost so much to apply… Typically schools charge an application around $60-$75. It doesn’t seem that bad but when you start doing the math it quickly becomes a money drain… Ten schools with application fees of $60 is going to cost me $600… and that isn’t even including the $21 that the LSAC charges to release your LSAT scores to each school…

All these fees have me thinking I am on the wrong career path… Maybe I should just try and get a job with the LSAC… it seems to be a lucrative business…

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE… I have a rather extensive list of schools that have sent me fee waivers. Sadly, those waivers don’t cover the $21 LSAC fee per school…. Oh well! I would rather pay $210 in LSAC fees than $810 in school and LSAC fees.

Welp! Time to get back to work! Until next time


A New Year, A New Home

This semester I decided to move off campus, and so far I love it! I moved into a two bedroom apartment with my Bellarmine roomie about five minutes from campus. There are many positives to living off campus, as well as some negatives. I will miss eating at Kosters every night, however I love making my own meals at home. The biggest thing I will miss on campus is the convenience of being so close to my classes and FREE LAUNDRY! When I visited Bellarmine for the first time in February 2008 (before all of the beautiful additions to the campus) I fell in love with the school. I was sad as I was checking out of my dorm, but I’m ready to become more independent. So far I’m very happy in my new place and am looking forward to the rest of the semester. :)

Me and Kirby in our new living room. :)Image

An easier and cheaper way to get around

Dear college student,

I know we used to be friends when you were little. You would take me out on rides down the sidewalk. I was the reason you won that race against your neighborhood friends…and also the reminder of why you have that faded scar on your knee. We had some good times. Today I write to you from the depths of your garage, begging for a second chance. You’re wondering why you’re broke? Well I’m curious why you choose to drive around that large metal car that burns up your checks. I’m fast, easy, cheap (you’re going to have to invest in a bigger version of me), and I’ll help introduce you to the beautiful city you live in.

Your long lost friend,

The Bike

….it was an adjustment getting used to riding my bike around the city. Now I dont know what i’d do without it. Go get a bike Bellarmine, you won’t regret it.

Birthday Party, Copious Amounts of Food, More Studying, & A NEW JOB!

Hey fellow humans!

These past few days since my last blog post have been filled with so much activity! It was my good friend Dana Miramontes’ birthday on Sunday, so we had her a small party on Saturday night, then on Sunday afternoon I was officially hired at Forever 21! I start on Friday and I’m super excited. Forever 21 seems like a great place to work already! Then on Sunday night I studied and worked on a paper for one of my classes, and when I was finished I went up to the Palio (Bellarmine’s newest dining attraction) with Dana and had LOADS of food (I was hungry from studying), I had:


-A quesadilla

-and potato skins


What?! I was HUNGRY.


I’t had been since December when I last saw my Family, but luckily I was able to see them all at the wedding of my cousin Luneka and her now husband Eddie. Even though the wedding was the weekend before finals it kicked off what summer woud be like. Like a lot of wedding it was hectic and crazy but still enjoyable. My summer thus far has been the same. Even though I started a new job at the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen and I  do work-study and I’m taking both of my physics courses this summer, I have still been able to find time to just relax and chill so far. Summer is Halfway over so there is still plenty of time to have fun !

How to Save that Money

I must be honest in saying that I never really got into the whole reading blogs thing.  I don’t especially care what cereal some guy from London had for breakfast or the daily schedule of one celebrity or another.  I can barely keep up with my life and I definitely don’t have the time to try and keep up with someone else’s.  That being said, I can see the relevance in being able to read about someone’s experience.  In my experience I have been poor.  When you’re poor you figure out how to be less poor.  So I have decided to share a few hints and tips for saving money in college.  If you are already in college I’m sure are well aware of the scary lack of funds you possess.  If you are going into college then you are about to find out.  No matter how much your work, scrimp, or save you always find yourself needing more.  Bills add up.  So here are just a few helpful tips that I have picked up on in the last few years.

1)       Eat on campus.  Kosters isn’t exactly fine cuisine, but it’s tolerable and it’s free if you have a meal plan.  Eat there as often as you can and save your food money for the weekends.  If you live off campus and don’t have a meal plan, make friends with someone that does.

2)      Buy books online.  The bookstore is great and all don’t get me wrong, but they are super expensive.  My suggestion is to wait to go to class for the first time, get the syllabus, see what books you need and when you need them.  If you aren’t reading something until halfway through the semester, then don’t waste your money on it now.   Who knows… you might not need it at all.

3)      Walk places.  If you can’t walk carpool.  Carpool everywhere.  If you are from Montana and the weird smelly kid down the hall is from the same area and he’s going home at the same time you are, suck it up and ride with him.  Its cheaper than a flight or trying to pay for gas buy yourself.

You’re not going to save a million dollars doing this stuff, but it adds up.  There are about a thousand other ways to save money.  The best way is to just not spend it.