I cannot believe it is March 30th of 2012. Where did the month go. I feel like it was Spring Break 2012 just yesterday. So much has happened in such a little amount of time. From Basketball, school, activities, to movies.

We had played in this years Elite 8 for Division II. We won that game. The crowd was so intense. Many people started calling the Bank of Kentucky Center, Knight Hall North. Well that is what it really felt like. The Knights advanced to the Final 4. The next night we played at Knights Hall North again. Though we weren’t able to advance to the National Championship this year, we still had a fantastic round, and our guys did such a great job. One of my favorite things about Bellarmine is that, they guys on the Basketball team aren’t just that. Some of them are my friends, and it was great seeing them play and go far in the tournament. Everyone on campus is very proud to say that we love them and are very proud of them.

ImageSome of us drove up to “Knights’ Hall North,” some of us took buses up in huge caravans.

ImageThe place was packed with maroon, it really did feel like Knights Hall.

With March being so close to over. We are in the home stretch. There is only about a month left of classes so final tests, papers, and projects are all coming up before exams. Only problem with this is there is only a month left of school. I can see summer just around the corner. Which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because, everyone could use a small break from classes. A curse because, I now have the attention span of a four-year old boy sometimes. So getting homework and these papers done doesn’t seem like it will every happen.

With school almost being over there is so much stuff going on at the moment. There are events going on around campus left and right I feel like. Right now, there are Easter Eggs hidden all over campus and for each egg found a student receives a gift card to an establishment around Louisville. There is a Late Knight Bingo coming up. As well as Summer Send Off. One of my favorite events on campus. It is like the last big event before school is over. With everyone able to have some fun as well as just get a chance to see all your friends and say goodbye for the summer before exams start and everyone starts stressing.

Something I just can’t forget to mention would have to be the premier of the Hunger Games. Who would have thought what an impact it would have on college students. I feel like almost all of my friends have seen it or are saying they still want to go see it. I know I saw it last week and loved every bit of it. I cried, laughed, screamed and got the chills. It has everything from a small love story to such action. I would recommend it to anyone no matter what age you are. It was such a good movie, I will probably go see it again over Easter Break with my family.

With March over there is so much to look forward to. Next week is only a three-day week, for Easter Break. Which means I get to go home and see my family! I am so excited to see them and spend some time relaxing. As well as the weather is getting great. Now, I am able to study in the Quad again, one of my favorite places to do any sort of work. It is so nice to be out in the fresh air while working, and you can take as many study breaks as you need to say hey to the people passing by. And with it being basically April, that means DERBY FESTIVAL! Probably the most important thing in Louisville. I am so excited for Thunder, the concerts, Oaks, and of course the Kentucky Derby. I feel like Louisville becomes a different city when Derby time arrives. Lastly April mean, that I only have about one more month at Bellarmine before I study abroad in the fall. I am looking forward to this more and more every day. I cannot contain my excitement.

Sorry I had so much to say about. I will be better about that next time!

Peace, “and May the odds be ever in your favor!”