Hi, all!  For my first official post as a BU blogger, I will go ahead and tell you a little about myself…

My name is Tori Besser and I am a senior at Bellarmine, where I am majoring in psychology and minoring in biology.  I hope to attend medical school after I graduate from BU this coming spring.  I am originally from Columbus, Ohio…but I now like to think of Louisville as my home!

I like to keep busy by getting involved on campus.  I am a member of CREW, psychology club, and Bellarmine’s pep club, Knights Nation.  I work on campus, as well, as a tutor for the Academic Resource Center, or the ARC, as BU students call it.  I also spend a fair amount of my free time off campus, exploring the many great things the Louisville has to offer.  My favorite places are Churchill Downs, The Waterfront, and Bardstown Road.  There is always something new and fun to do!

I am very excited for my senior year and all that it has to offer, and I am so glad that I get to share it all with you!

Have a happy summer!

Being a Biology Major at Bellarmine

I don’t think I could have chosen a better school to be a Biology major at. I absolutely LOVE the biology classes at Bellarmine, and especially all the faculty. Being only three months away from graduating, I have been focused on my plans for after graduation and my professors have helped me greatly! I have decided to apply to a masters program in Anatomy and Cell Biology at a few Chicago schools, and later apply to medical school. I know that my Biology degree from Bellarmine has really prepared me for this path.

In my junior year I took Gross Anatomy which was one of my favorite classes at Bellarmine. My professor was Dr. Porta, who is also my academic advisor. Dr. Porta’s dedication to the field of anatomy makes him such a great professor, one who is willing to help both inside and outside of class. This class was one of the greatest experiences I have had at Bellarmine, an opportunity the majority of undergraduates will never experience. In my class there were about seven cadavers and throughout the semester, groups of four students learned the anatomy of their cadaver through dissection. This hands-on experience was amazing and I couldn’t imagine learning the human anatomy any other way. Yeah, at first it was weird knowing I was cutting open a dead body, but I quickly overcame this awkward feeling when I realized the opportunity I was receiving.

Below is a picture of me dissecting my cadaver in Gross Anatomy. In the background you can see a blurred view of another group. I got this image from one of the Bellarmine videos   and it has many captions of our Gross Anatomy Lab. I attached the video at the bottom.

Among Bellarmine having excellent Biology courses, the reason I love the Biology department so much is the amazing faculty. Not only do the professors know my name, but they actually know who I am, a rarity among bigger schools. Today, for example I had a meeting with three of the Biology professors in one day! I met with the Chair of the Biology Department, Dr. Lentz, and we discussed my graduate school plans as well as other topics. He was engaged in what I had to say and not only did he agree to write a letter of recommendation for me, but he is also going to help me edit my personal statement. Not just a teacher’s assistant or a professor but THE CHAIR OF THE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT! I have been to other universities where not only do the professors not know their students names, but some of the students don’t even know the professors name. But at Bellarmine the Biology professors are always willing to help their students in any way they can.

Dr. Bennett is the head of the Pre-Med committee, who advises those who are interested in attending medical school, as well as the Physiology professor. After meeting with him today about my plans for the future, I felt very well prepared for my endeavors. He shared with me important information about the schools I want to apply to, as well as advice about which path to take. Helping the pre-medical students is very important to him and I would highly recommend visiting him if you’re interested in attending medical school. His office is full of resources for you, including MCAT books and information about certain medical schools.

My biology courses and professors have fully prepared me for what I have planned. I feel very confident with my biology education and I know that if I ever needed guidance I could ask my professors for advice. By taking their classes, seeing them on campus, meeting them in their office and even having lunch with them, I have developed great relationships with my Biology professors, which is one of the main reasons I love being a Bellarmine student.

Biology Club with the Biology Professors