No way is it midterm time at all?? I cannot believe the semester is going by so fast. I have been so busy with everything from activities, school, and my new internship.

One thing I love about Bellarmine University is how amazingly helpful they are. Last post I mentioned I had an interview for an internship. Well I didn’t want to jinx it then, but I got the internship!!


I am currently working as a Wish Granter Intern with the Make a Wish Foundation of Louisville. I am loving every bit of working there. The people that I work with are such nice people. And it is great experience for any job outside of college. I am doing everything from communications to seeing how the organization works as a whole.I really am looking forward to continuing working their throughout the semester and even hopefully next semester. And it is all thanks to the Career Development Office here at BU. They are amazing at giving our students every opportunity that they can possibly give.


Emy Benson and I as Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood for Ball on the Belle 2010.


Ryan Carter and myself. This was my Pikachu costume!

Other than that Halloween is coming up and I am getting so excited for Ball on the Belle!! This is our Costume Dance Party on the Belle of Louisville sponsored by the Bellarmine Activities Council every year. I still don’t have a costume…and it is in 15 days. I have no have idea what I am going to wear. My freshman year I went as Ron Weasley, last year I went as Pikachu. I have to top both of those. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Since I am in just a halloweeny spirit, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, when one just remembers to turn the light on.” – Albus Dumbledore

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. And don’t forget I need suggestions for Halloween Costumes!


And Now We Wait…

I AM FOREVER DONE WITH THE LSAT! After months of hard work and studying, I am finally free of the LSAT.  I cannot explain how amazing it feels to say that. Now I just need to wait until October 31st to get my scores back.

The best thing about the entire LSAT experience was how supportive my family and friends were.  They put up with my craziness and calmed me down every time I had a freak out. I could not ask for a better support system. ON TOP OF THAT, I was flooded with texts, emails and Facebook posts before the exam, wishing me luck, AND after the exam, asking how it went. I am very blessed to have so many kind and caring people in my life.

That’s all for now. Until next time!


Growing Up

Growing up is something that a lot of people struggle with, I know I do. I cannot believe that I am a junior in college already. It seems like only yesterday, I was starting high school as that little awkward ginger kid. But now as I am typing this, I am dressed up in a suit and ready for the interview of a life time.

Being a Bellarmine University student I feel extremely prepared, but that doesn’t get rid of the butterflies in my stomach. I feel like I am walking onto campus for my Crossroads experiences as a freshman all over again. But instead, I have an interview with the Make A Wish Foundation today. This is like the internship of a life time. After the summer that I have had, all I want to do is find a way that I can help people and serve in a non-profit after college, and this is some great experience for that and later in life.

Another thing that I has been going on is some struggles back home. I don’t get homesick easily. I live here in Louisville, I love it here. But it has just been one of those weeks where I really want to drive home. I would have this weekend, but being as active as I am in the Bellarmine community, I was unable too. I chose to be active though, so it was my choice.

This weekend at BU was awesome though, from sports games, to Knights’ Fest and just hanging around the house. This week was huge in Bellarmine sports, there were away games and home games all day every day! Soccer had some tough games to play, Field Hockey brought home some wins, and Volleyball had a good weekend with a couple wins and some tough games. On top of that there was Knights’ Fest put on by Knights’ Nation (our pep club) and BAC. There were t-shirts being given out, tons of cake, other food, music and games. It was a blast!! Then every night this weekend, I just sat around my house with some friends and watched some Harry Potter. (can’t go wrong there)

Let’s see what this week has in store for me.

Peace and Blessings.

The Beginning

I cannot believe we are already into summer vacation. I am loving the free time. Not spending time studying, reading text books, or writing papers. It is so nice to sleep in past 9:00am. So far Summer 2012 has started off great.

Even though I am having a blast. There is only so much to do. I am pretty sure I have seen the entire Harry Potter series twice this summer already. I have been watching a lot of television shows on Netflix and Hulu. This can only entertain one for so long. After so many different TV shows, it gets a little boring. Nothing against New Girl and One Tree Hill, but I am for sure getting bored.

This is the only problem with summer vacation, there is not much to do at home. I am starting to miss my friends from Bellarmine and Louisville so much. All of the stupid things we would do together. I can’t wait to see them again. I am glad I made it this far into the summer without getting sad, but here we are, missing the Ville.

One thing that has kept me quite busy this summer is the paper work for Study Abroad and preparing for my summer job. The paper work never ceases to end, I am getting so nervous for studying at the University of Bern in the fall. It is nerve-racking but extremely excited. Another thing that I am looking for is my summer job as a Summer Staff for Group Mission Trips. I will be travelling the country this summer and putting on Home Repairing Mission Trips for students in high school. I am also excited for this opportunity.

As of right now I am just “living the dream.”

So much to do with so little time.

The last full week of classes has approached and there is so much to do around Bellarmine. Everyone is frantically getting their last papers and assignments done, in order to start studying for their finals. Then there are so many ways to end up getting distracted. I cannot believe summer vacation is so close. And with that not only comes the stress I have mentioned, but the bittersweet moments, I am personally experiencing.

This week has been jammed packed full of things I should be doing, writing papers and doing final homework assignments, but also things I do instead to distract myself, like watching television with friends and late night trips to Taco Bell and BAC’s Late Knight Bingo and the public opening of Pottermore (I’m in Ravenclaw by the way). With so many ways for me to not do my work, it is so easy for me to get distracted. All of these fun distractions might have left me up late the past few nights, but they are so much fun how can I say no?

My to-do list is decreasing in size and that is something that I have been looking forward to for a while. All that I have left this semester, is turning in all of my paperwork for Studying Abroad, have a relaxing weekend, give a small presentation, Summer Send Off, Late Knight Breakfast, study like its my job, and hopefully get As on my finals.

Seeing that typed out it is a lot more to do that I thought, but I will make it through it all. One thing I am realizing this week, is that when I leave Bellarmine after finals it will be for a long amount of time. All of my friends will be returning in August, while in August I will be packing to head to Europe. This is something I am going to have trouble with over the next two weeks, these goodbyes are going to be for longer than two or three months. They will be for about nine months. I cannot believe that.

In order for this all to be done and to get plenty of chances to say goodbyes. I should probably get to work now.

I am going to leave you with a saying that has helped me this week getting through things.

“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and to forget to live, remember that.” – Albus Dumbledore

Remember to dream and hope for the future, but to live life in the present. So even though I have so much to do, it will get done, those late night runs to Taco Bell are worth it.