Moving through Milestones

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.”

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. So much has happened in such a short time frame, which has left me little to no time to write! Since my last post, I completed my junior year of college with another semester of all A’s, turned 21 during finals week, moved into a house with two of my girlfriends, drove 16 hours to Marco Island, FL for a week, and ended an incredibly enriching experience to begin another new and exciting chapter of my life.

These milestone happenings deserve their own separate posts, but for the sake of time and interest, I’ll condense them for you in some short anecdotes and pictures.

Moved into a house with two great friends!Roomies

21st Birthday!

21st Birthday

21st Birthday

My last day at Community Foundation of Louisville: It was tough not to shed some tears upon leaving one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I am so thankful to have gained invaluable experience, unforgettable memories, and to simply have been a part of the Community Foundation of Louisville family. I had been there since last February and loved every minute being their first intern. I’m very happy that one of my Bellarmine friends, Alex, is the next intern and I have the utmost faith in her, knowing she will have a great time! The CFL crew even threw me a farewell party, where I was given a gorgeous and stylish green briefcase as a parting gift, and I gave my supervisor, Anne, and the CEO, Susan, gifts that I hand-painted for them. The quote that I used struck a chord with me in that I was truly surrounded by dreamers, believers, and all of the other categories listed in the quote, and I was truly going to miss working with such a talented and supportive team. They have helped me grow so much in the past almost year and a half and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you again, Anne and the rest of the crew at CFL, for such an amazing first internship.InternshipInternship Internship Internship

Marco Island: drove 16 hours one way to spend a couple days in Paradise with Michael and some of our friends, before starting my next internship! Marco Island

Beginning at Brown-Forman: I was honored to accept an internship position with Brown-Forman after going through a very competitive application process for the past couple of months. 165+ candidates applied for around 25 positions within the corporation and I am so happy that I was chosen. I just started this past Monday (May 20) and have thoroughly enjoyed my first week. I have been assigned to work with the Digital Marketing team for the brands Southern Comfort and TUACA and it’s still all so surreal to me that I’m even working there. I have never been a part of anything at such a large scale as Brown-Forman or the Modern Liqueurs brands and I’m in awe to be surrounded by and to learn from so many talented professionals. After taking a Marketing class this past semester, it’s amazing to see what I’ve learned be put into action. I’m eager to learn from the Digital Marketing team and have a great time making new experiences and meeting new people. They have been so welcoming from the start and I know we are going to have a great time! Brown-Forman Brown-Forman Brown-Forman

I hope that was semi-condensed. I’ll be sure to post more frequently this summer, now that things have relaxed a bit!

Song of the day: Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Pharrell. It brings me back to Earth Wind and Fire, with a touch of Daft Punk’s hit Harder Better Faster Stronger from a couple years ago. Enjoy the jam!

Ready to Relax

Image from Advanced Graphic Comm

An image I created in my Advanced Graphic Comm class that reminds me of Spring Break :)

Two more classes.

One more test.

That is all that separates me from Spring Break.

It’s so close I can almost touch it! I’ve got to keep the motivation going for another 24 hours and then I feel like I can relax for a little while. The past couple of weeks have been crazy with planning several events, both for my sorority and for my internship, attending countless meetings, working on personal professional preparation, attending class, and somehow trying to find time to study for midterms.

I’m seriously ready for the world to slow down for a week so I can rest up for the remainder of my semester. I couldn’t be more excited to just go home and hang out with my family! From here on out, nearly every weekend is booked with meetings, volunteering, and events, I have several projects, papers, and presentations to get ready for, in a blink of an eye the semester will soon be over.

Though this semester has been challenging, it couldn’t have proven itself to be more worth it. More to come on that! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break!

Song of the day: Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap. It serves as a good reminder to live in the present moment and to share good times with others.





Tips from the Intern


Hi everyone,

For the past couple of months, Community Foundation of Louisville has gone through a total “office makeover” – we have extended our space through the rest of the 11th floor of our building and also revamped the space we previously had. It was exciting to watch the renovation from start to finish, and I was even more excited to be able to attend our Open House last week to show all of our colleagues, family and friends the transformation!

The Open House event was a great way for me to see some familiar faces, like our Board members, but to also meet a lot of new people in our community. It was also a wonderful learning experience as an Intern. We learn so much in our classes at Bellarmine, but we don’t always directly learn professional etiquette or simply ways to navigate professional events. That, I feel, is learned best by immersing oneself in the atmosphere and with practice.

Here are some tips I learned from the Open House event:

Wear your nametag/badge on your right side: this may seem strange, as we often expect to put our nametags on our left side, closest to our heart. However, if we recall that we traditionally extend our right hand out to shake someone’s right hand, we are therefore going to be looking at their right side (from their perspective.) Keeping our nametag on our right will make it easier for the person with whom we’re talking to be able to know who we are, since they will be looking at that side to shake our hand.

Have a firm and solid handshake: aside from your appearance and how you address the person you’re talking to, a handshake is one of the first reflections of your character. Show the person you’re introducing yourself to that you are confident in yourself and mean business. But, please, be gentle.

Help others and be flexible: one of the little jokes I keep with my supervisor and the rest of the Foundation is that I’m the Intern but also have “other duties as assigned.” The work climate changes every day and we have to be willing to help other departments, take on other projects, and do whatever it takes to help us all reach our common goals. At the Open House, I was assigned to be the greeter, but also had a great time assisting with coat check, picking up the place, and, other duties as assigned!

Song of the day: Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons. I just love this song. And Mumford and Sons.

Exploring Internships

InternClasses here at Bellarmine teach us so much, but what truly makes our education go full circle is being able to apply what we’ve learned in class to real world situations. They give us opportunities to strengthen the skills we already have, while learn so much more. They help us gain unique experience and cover the concepts that there really aren’t classes for. We aren’t taught “water cooler conversation” or “how to deal with grumpy vendors or coworkers” or “how to make your supervisor proud.” Being an intern does just that.

After being an intern for Community Foundation of Louisville since last February- and through this spring semester- I have thoroughly grown to understand and appreciate the value and importance of internships. Many majors here require for students to have internships and take a special course coinciding with their time interning.  Deadlines for enrolling in an internship credit class are coming up soon, and I encourage you all to look into the options available for your major.

If you are interested in participating in spring or summer internships, a great first step is to make sure your resume is organized, up to date, and ready to be sent to potential employers. Both Ann Zeman ( and Todd Reale ( of Career Services are great help with creating, editing, and formatting resumes. Ann helped me clean up my resume last spring and assisted me in my first cover letter- her hard work and caring helped me get the internship I have now!

Once your resume is ready to go, work with Ann or Todd to search internship opportunities, or simply explore on your own. Ann suggests for students to visit , and

If you find a good fit, apply! The last date to register for an internship this semester is Friday, January 25. If you do not apply for the internship class, you will not get academic credit. Your Internship Application and Registration Form and written proposal must be approved, signed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by 5 p.m on Friday, 1/25. Don’t let the class credit deadline deter you from looking for opportunities. I got my internship in February, so I didn’t get to get credit for it, but kept the internship through last fall where I was able to get credit!

Internships provide the information we need to help us prepare for careers post-graduation. Bellarmine prepares us well in class, and we get to exercise the skills we learn as well as gain real-world experience in internships. Don’t miss your chance! If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment!

Instead of my usual song of the day, here’s a really funny video about fast food drive-thru pranks. Gave me a good laugh!

New Semester, New Changes

“First Day of School Pic!”

I’m so happy to be starting my spring semester of junior year. I always enjoy starting off new semesters- getting new and fresh notebooks, organizing and updating my schedule with new syllabi, and seeing which friends are in my classes. I’m lucky to even have some classes with my Phi Mu sisters!

With new semesters, though, often comes change… normally for the better! One of my biggest changes is that my schedule is completely reversed from what I’m used to. Nearly every semester I’ve had in the past has had a pretty consistent schedule- I’ve normally guaranteed myself at least a Mon/Wed/Fri class from 11:00-11:50, as well as a 9:25-10:40 on Tues/Thurs. I’ve grown used to doing all of my schoolwork and classes in the morning, then my internship in the afternoon. Now, it’s completely switched. For the first time ever, I don’t have Friday classes, and my Mon/Wed classes begin in the afternoon. This leaves me to work in the morning, then go to class in the afternoon. It’ll be a schedule I’ll surely have to adjust to, but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy my classes. I’m taking Marketing, Interpersonal Communication, Writing for New Media, Advanced Graphic Communication, and Contemporary Cinema.

Another cool change I’m liking this semester is the new soda fountains in Cafe Ogle. Have you had a chance to use it yet? You can make nearly any soda/flavor combination out there! Ps. thanks girls for letting me take your picture!

Song of the day: Scream and Shout by Will. I. Am. and Britney Spears. I’ve heard it several times today and can’t get it out of my head!

Gaining Wisdom by Losing Wisdom

One of my dogs, Lillie, giving me love on my first night after surgery.

One of my dogs, Lillie, giving me love on my first night after surgery.

This semester was a rollercoaster full of thrills and challenges, and I’m proud to say that I survived and received my first 4.0! Now that the semester is over, I’m so happy to be home for a little while. Once finals were over last week, I went in for my first surgery ever. I got my wisdom teeth removed and it sure led to an interesting weekend. For not knowing how I was going to react to anything since it was my first time, I was anxious to see how it turned out. Luckily, my only complication was a bad reaction to the pain medication. It left me really, really sick until it got out of my system. Being stuck in bed for a couple days gave me some time to think, making me realize that there have been many life lessons I’ve learned through this semester, giving me much insight into what life is all about. Check out some of the things I’ve learned.

There is so much out there to explore.
My intercultural class, combined with my volunteer shifts at Ronald McDonald House, afforded me the opportunity to work with so many people from all walks of life that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. Through my field work, I helped a Somali woman prepare for her naturalization test, a Chinese father and daughter strengthen their bond, a Vietnamese woman simply practice her conversation skills, an Uzbekistan woman share her love of American reality television, and an Iraqi man transition into a new culture. Every session was incredible and unique, as I was always encountering a new situation and having to adapt to different cultures, and I am incredibly thankful for this experience.

Doing good creates good.

I am the first recipient of the Dan R. Ison scholarship. I was able to meet with him today and give him and his family some Christmas goodies!

I am the first recipient of the Dan R. Ison scholarship. I was able to meet with him today and give him and his family some Christmas goodies!

This holiday season has been full of warm feelings for me. I volunteered my December shift at Ronald McDonald House and loved getting to help out the families. Also, my hard work truly paid off as I got my first 4.0 this semester, despite an 18-hour courseload, my internship, and my extracurricular activities. My internship even asked me to stay through next semester, so I will have been there over a year! I gave Christmas cards to my teachers, thanking them for such a great semester, and also sent more out to other deserving people. In fact, I got to meet with my scholarship donor, Mr. Dan Ison, today and bring him and his family a Christmas card and some of my homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Especially at this time of year, it’s important to me to show those around me that I truly care for them.

It’s always nice to be with your family.
Sometimes I find myself so caught up with college life that I get overwhelmed, and it’s nice to know that my family is always willing to welcome me home with open arms.  I love living in the Phi Mu suite with a bunch of great girls, but sometimes it’s nice to just go home and be with my family. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the help and support they have given me not only though this semester, but in the past week as I have been healing from the surgery. To me, Christmas isn’t really about the tree, or presents, but getting to spend much-cherished time with my loved ones.

Well, that just about wraps up my blog post! (Haha, get it, wrap, like Christmas presents? ;) ) My agenda for next semester is to continue to intern at the Foundation, to enjoy some fun classes, like Marketing and Writing for New Media, and to plan for some awesome Phi Mu events. Stay tuned!

Song of the day: Take Back The City by Snow Patrol. It’s been stuck in my head today!


No way is it midterm time at all?? I cannot believe the semester is going by so fast. I have been so busy with everything from activities, school, and my new internship.

One thing I love about Bellarmine University is how amazingly helpful they are. Last post I mentioned I had an interview for an internship. Well I didn’t want to jinx it then, but I got the internship!!


I am currently working as a Wish Granter Intern with the Make a Wish Foundation of Louisville. I am loving every bit of working there. The people that I work with are such nice people. And it is great experience for any job outside of college. I am doing everything from communications to seeing how the organization works as a whole.I really am looking forward to continuing working their throughout the semester and even hopefully next semester. And it is all thanks to the Career Development Office here at BU. They are amazing at giving our students every opportunity that they can possibly give.


Emy Benson and I as Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood for Ball on the Belle 2010.


Ryan Carter and myself. This was my Pikachu costume!

Other than that Halloween is coming up and I am getting so excited for Ball on the Belle!! This is our Costume Dance Party on the Belle of Louisville sponsored by the Bellarmine Activities Council every year. I still don’t have a costume…and it is in 15 days. I have no have idea what I am going to wear. My freshman year I went as Ron Weasley, last year I went as Pikachu. I have to top both of those. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Since I am in just a halloweeny spirit, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, when one just remembers to turn the light on.” – Albus Dumbledore

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. And don’t forget I need suggestions for Halloween Costumes!


What’s Your Strength?

It’s about that time at Community Foundation for their annual staff retreat, and their focus this year is to highlight their employee’s strengths. To do this, we have brought in a consultant who has encouraged to participate in a StrengthFinders program. Has anyone out there done this program? If you haven’t, I definitely think you should.

The StrengthFinders 2.0 program is built by New York Times bestselling author Tom Rath, who has worked with his team to create an assessment that best identifies a person’s strengths. Too often people are criticized for their weaknesses, and it is what we choose to remember instead of all of our positive traits. With StrengthFinders, it focuses on our strengths, and also gives insights as to how we can best utilize our strengths. Before taking the test, I was asked to read through the 36 potential strengths to get a guess of what ours would be. I went through and saw some that were definitely something I would represent, whereas others I knew I definitely was not.

StrengthFinders is set up as a 20 minute assessment where you choose where you stand between two different statements. You can either be strongly one either side, moderately to one side, or neutral. You are only given twenty seconds to make your decision. This way, you’re thinking on impact, which will help better reveal your true strengths.

I took the test and ended up getting my top five strengths:

1) Input: I like to collect and archive all kinds of information, and this totally makes sense because I enjoy being incredibly organized, putting things into lists and categories all the time.

2) Positivity: This one also made total sense because I enjoy being motivating others. StrengthFinders says that Positivists inspire people to try new things and adopt an upbeat outlook on life.

3) Intellection: I found this one interesting because StrengthFinders mentions that Intellects are introspective. I tend to consider myself extroverted and enjoying being around others, but it made me realize that I do cherish my time where I can be alone and decompress. Though that doesn’t get to happen very often, especially given the fact that I live with 6 other people, I will look more into my introspective side and see what happens!

4) Relator: I like this one, yet didn’t think of it beforehand… Relators enjoy close relationships with each other, and I completely agree. Though I enjoy a lively and friendly conversation with many people, I tend to keep close friends with whom I can completely be myself.

5) Discipline: people that are in Discipline enjoy routine and structure, which also fits me well. With all of the activities and tasks that I’m responsible for, I use an hourly planner along with my weekly/monthly agenda to help block out time for class, work, and homework. Sticking to that schedule helps me stay on top of all of my tasks!

I’m really glad that they asked for me to participate in StrengthFinders. I feel like at this point in my life, it’s nice to know what my strengths are, to make sure I’m headed in the right direction. After taking the test, I’ve been able to learn more about myself and see how I can improve. I definitely encourage college students to take this test as well: though our answers may alter during our lives, it’s really interesting to learn more about what we do best! So, I ask you… what are your strengths?

On another note, we’re about to start another week of school, so I better finish up my homework and preparing for the days ahead. This weekend, Jessica and I were able to enjoy the nice weather and study outside!

Studying Outside

Enjoy this song of the day: it’s a total throwback and Jessica and I enjoyed jammin’ to it driving down Bardstown Road with the windows down.

Fly High, Freebird

Hi again, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! When I’m not spending time hanging out with friends and family or laying out by the pool, I’ve been pretty busy at work. Every day at the Community Foundation of Louisville always has something new to enjoy, and I have really loved all of the opportunities I’ve been given there, especially this past week.

We had our CFL Staff Meeting this past Wednesday, where all of the departments give a report of what projects they’re working on and other important information, while our President & CEO, Susan, gives her own report on CFL’s progress as a whole and what our next steps are. I always enjoy getting to sit in on these meetings, because it’s a great way to hear what the other departments are working on and I love getting to share their successes with them. Remember that song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, called Freebird? We incorporate that song in to our staff meetings, but in ways I never would have imagined.

Our President & CEO, Susan, went to an event and loved the centerpiece so much that she actually purchased it so she could take it back to CFL. Now, we pass that colorful centerpiece around, calling it the Freebird award. The person who received the award at the staff meeting passes it on to another co-worker at the next meeting, and it’s always a surprise to see who gets it next. The Freebird recipient is always someone who does their part to help out other colleagues in need, regardless if they’re in their own department, or from another. This past Wednesday, I was honored to receive the Freebird award! One of the women in the Development & Stewardship department, Melody, gave it to me for all of my help in getting some of their special events planned. I was so surprised… I never thought that the little intern that I am would get recognized like this! Now, when I’m in the office, I can display the Freebird award for all to see :)

When I started this internship in February, I never would have imagined how much fun I would be having along with how many new skills I would be learning. I am privileged to get to attend special communications events and meetings with my VP, Anne, along with getting the opportunity to display my graphic design skills (and make them even stronger!) by making a lot of in-house branding and marketing graphics.

Not only is my internship position absolutely amazing and challenging, I’m learning every day about how all of my co-workers work together. It’s easy to say that everyone that works there is a family and will do what it takes to help out their fellow colleagues. After finding out that one of our coworkers is going through some very rough times, it has been amazing to see how we have all come together to help her and her family. We have all signed up to bring meals and snacks, and some coworkers are even donating some of their sick and vacation days to help her spend more time with her family. It is so nice to see people pull together in times of crisis, and I’m so thankful that I can be there and do what I can to help support.

On another note, I am now a registered Shift Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m looking forward to volunteering there every other Tuesday for the rest of the summer. Working there and helping out those in need just gives me such a happy feeling inside and it really can get you hooked.

Well, that’s all for now! I have a couple days of work this week, then Michael and I will be heading up to Jersey Shore, PA (not to be mistaken with “the” fist-pumping Jersey Shore) to visit some of my family! I can’t wait to spend some time outdoors, in the mountains, and soaking up the sunshine!

Song of the Day: Lay ‘em Down by Needtobreathe. I love how this song welcomes those who have troubles or stresses and encourages them to, as the title suggests, lay them down.

I think I can. I think I can.

Just a couple weeks left of school and I’ll be finishing up my Sophomore year. I can’t believe it! I’m almost halfway through my college career. Unfortunately, there is so much left to do… I’ve got to balance my internship, a book report presentation, a big Macro Economics test, and more before I can even start preparing for finals. And now we’re just one day away before my big Teacher Appreciation dinner… I’m really excited to host that dinner and honor our wonderful BU teachers!

Internship Update: working at the Community Foundation as been an absolute blast! A couple weeks ago I was able to sit in on their quarterly Board Meeting. It was awesome getting to see how businesses work behind the scenes, all of the work it takes to prepare for such meetings, and how professional people conduct themselves in important meetings. It was like I was able to see all of what I have learned in class, in action! Here’s a picture of their lovely Board Room before the directors arrived:

More recently, I was also able to attend one of CFL’s press conferences at Young Elementary in downtown Louisville. CFL has worked alongside with to help promote public education. In order to celebrate their successes, we went to Young! Alongside helping several teachers complete some of their projects, the money raised by CFL and Donors Choose had transformed one of their classrooms into a Discovery Lab. They had all sorts of animals and creatures for students to play and interact with. My favorite animals, though, were the baby chicks and turkeys! There was also an incubator with eggs that were still in the process of hatching!

Me and a chick!


President and CEO of CFL, Susan Barry, holding a baby turkey!


Some of the CFL Set-Up!

Anyway, I’m trying to avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the assignments I have due soon. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one stressed out so I need to remind myself that I can do this!

To keep the motivation going, enjoy this song: I know my girl readers will enjoy this jam!

Don’t give up! We’re almost done!