From One Chapter to Another

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”

-Thomas Merton

Letting go at the end of a moment has always been a struggle for me. For 17 years of my life all I’ve known is the life of a student and the offshore gaze into the ocean of adulthood has been a comfortable breeze of the saying, “I’ll worry about it when I’m there.” As quickly as my name was called during Bellarmine’s graudation ceremony last Saturday, I am now here. I am now a cum laude graduate of Bellarmine’s School of Communication, jumping head first into those once dreamy waters of adult life.

Funny enough, even without a pool, Bellarmine properly taught me how to swim and I can’t thank them enough for it. I’ve throughly enjoyed my time as a blogger for Bellarmine University and thank those who have given me the opportunity to showcase my own student life but also actively reflect on my own role in our fluid and ever changing American culture. My future plans include more exciting adventures abroad and finding a professional career path where I can leverage all these wonderful and creative skills that this university has helped me harness within myself.


We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

-Marianne Williamson

Hi everyone,
After months and months of careful planning, I’m very happy to say that my hard work has paid off. I’ve known for a while now how busy this weekend was going to be, so luckily I’ve been able to mentally prepare, but I never expected I would learn as much as I did. I’ve never felt so empowered, so motivated, so inspired. This weekend showed me that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought of. Now that I can let out a sigh of relief and enjoy some downtime, let me tell you a little about my weekend:

Impact Summit at Bellarmine UniversityIMPACT SUMMIT:

Bellarmine held its first annual Impact Summit leadership program on Friday evening. I was able to attend the first committee meeting and assist with foundation planning of the event, but was unable to attend the remainder of the meetings as I had two other big events I was responsible for in the two days after the Summit. I was truly impressed with how the Impact Summit program turned out and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be surrounded by so many talented emerging leaders within our University. We all came from different backgrounds and different student organizations, but we all had similar experiences.

What stuck with me the most was learning the importance of making a difference. Even if you impact just one person, that’s positive change and your act, whether you’re aware of it or not, may trickle forward to other acts of kindness.  I’m a huge fan of random acts of kindness, as well as letting my friends and family know how much I care about them, so this program really meant a lot to me.

KY Phi Mu Day

Phi Mu National President, Kris Bridges, and I at KY Phi Mu Day

KY Phi Mu DayKY Phi Mu DayKy Phi Mu DayAfter months of planning, countless meetings, late nights and crafting, it was finally the big day!  I was so happy to finally welcome almost 200 Phi Mu women from across Kentucky and southern Indiana to Bellarmine’s campus. It was a wonderful opportunity getting to meet new sisters and swap ideas with them, as well as listen to our oh-so-elegant National President speak. All of the hard work for this event, especially this past week, became so worth it getting to sit in awe knowing I was surrounded by girls who have gone through the same things I have and share the same special bond.

After Impact Summit and KY Phi Mu Day I was ready to close my weekend with the Phillip Phillips concert. One of the countless reason why I love Bellarmine so much is that they provide us with so many opportunities. Whether it is to help us develop professionally at the Impact Summit, allow us to celebrate our sisterhood at Phi Mu Day, or to enjoy a relaxing evening in the Quad accompanied by Phillip Phillips’ wonderful performance, they give us opportunities. And for that, I’m incredibly thankful.

Song of the day: Home by Phillip Phillips. This weekend proved to me that Louisville is my home, reaffirmed to me how Bellarmine couldn’t have been a more perfect choice, and that this is where I truly belong.

Why College Radio?

Last Friday, I was given the opportunity to attend a concert and interview a group called the Soil and the Sun with my friend and co-host Vincent Clark– truthfully he kinda got the opportunity and I went as the plus one and music enthusiast.

The Soil and the Sun (minus one)

The Michigan-based group is amidst of a tour. They played SXSW (South by Southwest for those unfamiliar with the acronym) earlier this month and they have a handful of shows with Kellen+Me before they head back home.

Now, I’m going to be honest– prior to getting the invite to the concert I hadn’t really heard of the Soil and the Sun before, I checked out a couple of their songs and read up on some of their history but I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect. To say I was pleasantly surprised would probably be an understatement. Not only was the group super friendly and down to earth but they made amazing music. When we spoke to them before their set we asked them what genre they were and they explained it as “orchestral/alternative/folk/ambient” I’m not sure what you all imagine when you hear such a wide spectrum of genres put together but I was definitely intrigued.

While listening to their set I had somewhat of an epiphany/light bulb moment. At Bellarmine when you want to become a DJ for Bellarmine Radio you typically have to take broadcasting lab taught by Dr. Kyle Barnett. I took broadcasting lab last year and I remember a moment in one of the first few class periods where Kyle posed then answered the question “Why college radio?” His answer was simple yet brilliant. He told us to think of our favorite song or our favorite artist and said they weren’t your favorite until you found out about them– someone or something introduced you do them and that that is the point of college radio– to expose people to music they may not typically encounter and to help people find their new favorite artist or new favorite song. That being said, Bellarmine radio is responsible for introducing me to The Soil and the Sun– a band that is quickly topping “number of plays” in my itunes, so I am going to pass on the favor and introduce them to you.

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

That’s all for now, until next time!


ps. here is an obscene amount of pictures I took at their concert — if you scroll through them quickly it has the same effect as one of those picture books that looks like the people are dancing — I know, pretty awesome ha

pps I’d include more from the interview but sadly Vincent has those notes not me — I”ll update y’all when I can get my hands on them!

Experience of a Lifetime

My photo with Bon Jovi at the Because We Can tourWhen Prof. Winnie Spitza emailed me asking me to stop by her office to tell me of an “experience of a lifetime,” I had no idea what to expect. I sat down in the chair perpendicular to her desk, seeing her giggling and smiling, and I was eager to know what we were about to get ourselves into. There were a handful of students in her office with me, as she told all of us that we were selected to participate in the “Bon Jovi ‘Because We Can’ Community Service College Campaign.” I couldn’t have been more excited for this opportunity to work backstage with the Bon Jovi management and production teams the day of the concert, last Thursday (3/14). It was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I now have even more respect and appreciation for all of the people who help make concerts happen… let me tell you why! There was so much going on throughout the day, so I’ll do my best to give a condensed version. :)

Richie from Bon Jovi at Because We Can Tour LouisvilleWe arrived to the YUM! Center around noon the day of the concert and were very quickly assigned tasks by the management team. We were responsible for helping our supervisors with various assignments throughout the day, from ticket sales preparation, merchandising, VIP and Fan Club party preparation and more. It was awesome getting to see not only the in’s and out’s of the YUM! Center itself, but to see how much manpower it requires to put on a show. I love concerts and have been to several performances at the YUM! Center in the past couple of years: Lady Gaga (twice!), Taylor Swift, the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB (my favorite), and even got to cheer on the floor at the BU vs. U of L game – so I was really excited to take part in this opportunity. 

Bon Jovi Concert Louisville Because We Can TourWe were able to travel through the YUM! Center and passed by the dressing rooms a couple times (no band interaction, though,) and we also were able to stand in the “pit” (the first three rows of the floor seats) and take pictures and video, just like the rest of the media crew. It was such a thrill! Getting to watch Bon Jovi perform his opening songs and get some great shots from so close was a blast. Ultimately, what truly made this experience the best was how nice and helpful the management crew, as well as the rest of the YUM! Center crew, were to us interns. They took great care of us and made sure we were getting to see everything we wanted to see, and be a part of as many activities as possible. They were also such down-to-earth people, and I loved getting to see their dedication for their job. The supervisors and other volunteers had really great stories to tell and it was nice getting to meet new people. 

Getting to work as an intern for the management crew of the Bon Jovi “Because We Can” tour was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I was honored to be one of the six Bellarmine students selected. We definitely made some great memories, and I’m glad I have my pass, ticket, and even a guitar pick to remember it!

Bon Jovi Because We Can Tour Louisville

Song of the Day: You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi. He opened with this at the concert and really got the crowd going! Here’s his live performance at the YUM! Center: 

Hillside 2013 presents Phillip Phillips and guest Churchill


Tickets are available online at

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is coming to Bellarmine for our yearly concert series, Hillside on April 6th!. Some of our past Hillside performers include: Maroon 5, Gloriana, Sara Bareilles, Bowling for Soup, Live, Josh Gracin, Vertical Horizon, Blessid Union of Souls, Matt Nathanson and Mat Kearney! The concert will he held rain (Knights Hall) or shine (the Quad). Both locations are intimate and provide a one of a kind experience to see a talented musician perform.

Long-Awaited Dinner Spot Opens on 4th Street Downtown

Chipotle Louisville

Looking for a new dinner spot to check out tonight or this weekend? After months of painful waiting, Chipotle has finally opened its doors on 4th Street in Downtown Louisville! When it comes to Mexican fast food restaurants with a modern twist, Louisville has long been a Qdoba-Only city. Bellarmine students can now rejoice in having a close-to-home Chipotle, as the nearest other locations are as far as Cincinnati, OH or Lexington, KY. Chipotle is best known for its burritos made with fresh and quality ingredients, and follows a menu similar to what we’re familiar with at Qdoba. However, from the students I’ve asked, their loyalty is to Chipotle.

I have yet been able to experience the wonderment that is Chipotle, and I’m hoping I can stop by for my first burrito bowl within the next couple of days! 

Well played Snow, Well played….

Oh Louisville, you cruel meteorological tease… First you wake us up in the middle of the night with your tornado and then you give us false hope for a snow day… Not cool.

For those playing at home, last night Louisville got a bunch of snow. And by a bunch I mean about 1/2 inch… I mean, maybe it’s because I am from Chicago but I don’t find that amount that big of a deal– Louisville, however, disagreed.   I don’t think that the snow was really the main issue though, it was the fact that the temperature dropped overnight so things got a bit icy…

We didn’t get a snow day, people must not have worn their pajamas inside out and backwards, but Bellarmine did had a 2 hour delay — so classes before 10am were cancelled… I know, awesome right?! What better way to ring in Friday than having classes cancelled. Unfortunately I didn’t get to celebrate the joy of a snow day because my one class on Fridays is at 10. I DID however get woken up at 5am by my roommate because she wanted to make sure I was aware that there was a 2 hour delay. I appreciate the kindness but I enjoy my sleep…. And, of course after that I couldn’t fall back asleep. So not only did I miss out on having my classes cancelled but I also missed out on four hours or glorious sleep.

Yeah… this morning was a rough one.

On the bright side though, it can only go up from here… right?

Until Next Time!


Tips from the Intern


Hi everyone,

For the past couple of months, Community Foundation of Louisville has gone through a total “office makeover” – we have extended our space through the rest of the 11th floor of our building and also revamped the space we previously had. It was exciting to watch the renovation from start to finish, and I was even more excited to be able to attend our Open House last week to show all of our colleagues, family and friends the transformation!

The Open House event was a great way for me to see some familiar faces, like our Board members, but to also meet a lot of new people in our community. It was also a wonderful learning experience as an Intern. We learn so much in our classes at Bellarmine, but we don’t always directly learn professional etiquette or simply ways to navigate professional events. That, I feel, is learned best by immersing oneself in the atmosphere and with practice.

Here are some tips I learned from the Open House event:

Wear your nametag/badge on your right side: this may seem strange, as we often expect to put our nametags on our left side, closest to our heart. However, if we recall that we traditionally extend our right hand out to shake someone’s right hand, we are therefore going to be looking at their right side (from their perspective.) Keeping our nametag on our right will make it easier for the person with whom we’re talking to be able to know who we are, since they will be looking at that side to shake our hand.

Have a firm and solid handshake: aside from your appearance and how you address the person you’re talking to, a handshake is one of the first reflections of your character. Show the person you’re introducing yourself to that you are confident in yourself and mean business. But, please, be gentle.

Help others and be flexible: one of the little jokes I keep with my supervisor and the rest of the Foundation is that I’m the Intern but also have “other duties as assigned.” The work climate changes every day and we have to be willing to help other departments, take on other projects, and do whatever it takes to help us all reach our common goals. At the Open House, I was assigned to be the greeter, but also had a great time assisting with coat check, picking up the place, and, other duties as assigned!

Song of the day: Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons. I just love this song. And Mumford and Sons.

Flying and Free Fun

Today after my internship, Jessica invited me to go try out SkyZone! It’s an indoor, wall-to-wall trampoline park off Blankenbaker Rd. We had an absolute blast! Despite the fact it was completely packed with little kids, we really enjoyed ourselves. Check out some of the pictures we took while we were there:

SkyZone Louisville SkyZone Louisville SkyZone Louisville



(from an email from Jay Carnes)

AND DON’T FORGET! Bellarmine is offering some FREE FUN tonight and tomorrow to welcome us back for another semester! Tonight, go Ice Skating at Alpine Ice Arena from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Admission is free with Bellarmine ID. Tomorrow, if you’re one of the first 125 students at Baxter Avenue Theaters you can enjoy a free movie from 8:15 pm to 10:00 pm.

Have a great first weekend back!

Song of the day: Carry Out by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Jess and I listened to it on the way back from SkyZone and forgot how much we loved it!