I think I can. I think I can.

Just a couple weeks left of school and I’ll be finishing up my Sophomore year. I can’t believe it! I’m almost halfway through my college career. Unfortunately, there is so much left to do… I’ve got to balance my internship, a book report presentation, a big Macro Economics test, and more before I can even start preparing for finals. And now we’re just one day away before my big Teacher Appreciation dinner… I’m really excited to host that dinner and honor our wonderful BU teachers!

Internship Update: working at the Community Foundation as been an absolute blast! A couple weeks ago I was able to sit in on their quarterly Board Meeting. It was awesome getting to see how businesses work behind the scenes, all of the work it takes to prepare for such meetings, and how professional people conduct themselves in important meetings. It was like I was able to see all of what I have learned in class, in action! Here’s a picture of their lovely Board Room before the directors arrived:

More recently, I was also able to attend one of CFL’s press conferences at Young Elementary in downtown Louisville. CFL has worked alongside with donorschoose.org to help promote public education. In order to celebrate their successes, we went to Young! Alongside helping several teachers complete some of their projects, the money raised by CFL and Donors Choose had transformed one of their classrooms into a Discovery Lab. They had all sorts of animals and creatures for students to play and interact with. My favorite animals, though, were the baby chicks and turkeys! There was also an incubator with eggs that were still in the process of hatching!

Me and a chick!


President and CEO of CFL, Susan Barry, holding a baby turkey!


Some of the CFL Set-Up!

Anyway, I’m trying to avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the assignments I have due soon. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one stressed out so I need to remind myself that I can do this!

To keep the motivation going, enjoy this song: I know my girl readers will enjoy this jam!

Don’t give up! We’re almost done!