Pie Kitchen for a year!!

So it has officially been a full year of working at the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. Might I say that it was a heck of a year. First things first I’d like to thank Olivia Lear for basically getting me the job in the first place. On to business, this past year at the Pie Kitchen has been fun and at times stressful but in the end a good time. Even the times when my store, PK1 (2525 Bardstown Rd), was extra busy the great crew of whomever was working pulled it together and made things happen.

After working there for a short time I was offered the position of part-time manager, I happily accepted and have been in that position since September of last year. But the crew of PK1 wouldn’t be, without Mama of the Year/ General Manager Donna Jansen to keep us going.

Goofy as some of the members are we are all like one big family at PK1 and we have our differences at times but bounce back. Unfortunately some faces are gone from the PK1 family while others are still around doing their thing. I love this past year at the Pie Kitchen and cant wait to see what this next year holds.   (left to right) Bethany, Pj, Katie, Lauren, ChipLexiMarie