Remembering the Good Times

One of the most convenient things about living so close to home is that I can make the somewhat-quick, thirty minute drive, to stop in and see my family. With working 40+ hours a week this summer, I haven’t been able to spend as much time in my hometown as I have wanted, yet I’m happy for the time I do get to spend with my family. Every time I come home, no matter how short, it’s always nice to see what has changed yet what has stayed the same. With my town as small as it is, it’s not uncommon to run into familiar faces and sometimes run into people I haven’t seen in years. 
I had one of those experiences during one of my more recent trips home. I was at the grocery store near my neighborhood and, in the midst of picking up groceries for my grandparents, saw someone I surely wasn’t expecting to see. It was my cheerleading coach, Eric, who I hadn’t seen since my freshman year of high school – keep in mind that I’m now a rising senior in college. After doing competitive allstar cheering for three years at the gym he owned, Kentucky Wolfpack Allstars, he decided to close the gym and moved away to the west coast for a couple of years. He just very recently moved back to our county with his family, which I didn’t know until seeing him at Kroger, so it was certainly a surprise when I thought he still lived on the other side of the nation. 
Seeing my cheer coach, someone I looked up to for years and to this day respect so much, was a subtle reminder of great memories from my past. I grew up doing gymnastics for 8 years, then within months started all-star competitive cheerleading with Eric at Wolfpack, stayed there for three years, cheered for my high school for three years, and then cheered at Bellarmine for two years. Because of Eric and the Kentucky Wolfpack Allstars family, my love for cheerleading kept me going, continually inspired even through college. 
With all of the hustle in bustle of striving to live in the present and to arduously prepare for my future, it was nice to take a look back and remember some of the good times. Oh, what I would do to cheer one more routine with the Wolfpack team… 
Wolfpack days – at dinner with Courtney and Calyn after a competition – note all of our crazy glitter performance makeup was washed off :) 
Fast forward to high school – all of us seniors celebrating senior night!
Fast forward again to freshman year of college where BU Cheer traveled to Daytona, FL for our national competition!

Moving through Milestones

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.”

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. So much has happened in such a short time frame, which has left me little to no time to write! Since my last post, I completed my junior year of college with another semester of all A’s, turned 21 during finals week, moved into a house with two of my girlfriends, drove 16 hours to Marco Island, FL for a week, and ended an incredibly enriching experience to begin another new and exciting chapter of my life.

These milestone happenings deserve their own separate posts, but for the sake of time and interest, I’ll condense them for you in some short anecdotes and pictures.

Moved into a house with two great friends!Roomies

21st Birthday!

21st Birthday

21st Birthday

My last day at Community Foundation of Louisville: It was tough not to shed some tears upon leaving one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I am so thankful to have gained invaluable experience, unforgettable memories, and to simply have been a part of the Community Foundation of Louisville family. I had been there since last February and loved every minute being their first intern. I’m very happy that one of my Bellarmine friends, Alex, is the next intern and I have the utmost faith in her, knowing she will have a great time! The CFL crew even threw me a farewell party, where I was given a gorgeous and stylish green briefcase as a parting gift, and I gave my supervisor, Anne, and the CEO, Susan, gifts that I hand-painted for them. The quote that I used struck a chord with me in that I was truly surrounded by dreamers, believers, and all of the other categories listed in the quote, and I was truly going to miss working with such a talented and supportive team. They have helped me grow so much in the past almost year and a half and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you again, Anne and the rest of the crew at CFL, for such an amazing first internship.InternshipInternship Internship Internship

Marco Island: drove 16 hours one way to spend a couple days in Paradise with Michael and some of our friends, before starting my next internship! Marco Island

Beginning at Brown-Forman: I was honored to accept an internship position with Brown-Forman after going through a very competitive application process for the past couple of months. 165+ candidates applied for around 25 positions within the corporation and I am so happy that I was chosen. I just started this past Monday (May 20) and have thoroughly enjoyed my first week. I have been assigned to work with the Digital Marketing team for the brands Southern Comfort and TUACA and it’s still all so surreal to me that I’m even working there. I have never been a part of anything at such a large scale as Brown-Forman or the Modern Liqueurs brands and I’m in awe to be surrounded by and to learn from so many talented professionals. After taking a Marketing class this past semester, it’s amazing to see what I’ve learned be put into action. I’m eager to learn from the Digital Marketing team and have a great time making new experiences and meeting new people. They have been so welcoming from the start and I know we are going to have a great time! Brown-Forman Brown-Forman Brown-Forman

I hope that was semi-condensed. I’ll be sure to post more frequently this summer, now that things have relaxed a bit!

Song of the day: Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Pharrell. It brings me back to Earth Wind and Fire, with a touch of Daft Punk’s hit Harder Better Faster Stronger from a couple years ago. Enjoy the jam!

We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

-Marianne Williamson

Hi everyone,
After months and months of careful planning, I’m very happy to say that my hard work has paid off. I’ve known for a while now how busy this weekend was going to be, so luckily I’ve been able to mentally prepare, but I never expected I would learn as much as I did. I’ve never felt so empowered, so motivated, so inspired. This weekend showed me that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought of. Now that I can let out a sigh of relief and enjoy some downtime, let me tell you a little about my weekend:

Impact Summit at Bellarmine UniversityIMPACT SUMMIT:

Bellarmine held its first annual Impact Summit leadership program on Friday evening. I was able to attend the first committee meeting and assist with foundation planning of the event, but was unable to attend the remainder of the meetings as I had two other big events I was responsible for in the two days after the Summit. I was truly impressed with how the Impact Summit program turned out and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be surrounded by so many talented emerging leaders within our University. We all came from different backgrounds and different student organizations, but we all had similar experiences.

What stuck with me the most was learning the importance of making a difference. Even if you impact just one person, that’s positive change and your act, whether you’re aware of it or not, may trickle forward to other acts of kindness.  I’m a huge fan of random acts of kindness, as well as letting my friends and family know how much I care about them, so this program really meant a lot to me.

KY Phi Mu Day

Phi Mu National President, Kris Bridges, and I at KY Phi Mu Day

KY Phi Mu DayKY Phi Mu DayKy Phi Mu DayAfter months of planning, countless meetings, late nights and crafting, it was finally the big day!  I was so happy to finally welcome almost 200 Phi Mu women from across Kentucky and southern Indiana to Bellarmine’s campus. It was a wonderful opportunity getting to meet new sisters and swap ideas with them, as well as listen to our oh-so-elegant National President speak. All of the hard work for this event, especially this past week, became so worth it getting to sit in awe knowing I was surrounded by girls who have gone through the same things I have and share the same special bond.

After Impact Summit and KY Phi Mu Day I was ready to close my weekend with the Phillip Phillips concert. One of the countless reason why I love Bellarmine so much is that they provide us with so many opportunities. Whether it is to help us develop professionally at the Impact Summit, allow us to celebrate our sisterhood at Phi Mu Day, or to enjoy a relaxing evening in the Quad accompanied by Phillip Phillips’ wonderful performance, they give us opportunities. And for that, I’m incredibly thankful.

Song of the day: Home by Phillip Phillips. This weekend proved to me that Louisville is my home, reaffirmed to me how Bellarmine couldn’t have been a more perfect choice, and that this is where I truly belong.

Experience of a Lifetime

My photo with Bon Jovi at the Because We Can tourWhen Prof. Winnie Spitza emailed me asking me to stop by her office to tell me of an “experience of a lifetime,” I had no idea what to expect. I sat down in the chair perpendicular to her desk, seeing her giggling and smiling, and I was eager to know what we were about to get ourselves into. There were a handful of students in her office with me, as she told all of us that we were selected to participate in the “Bon Jovi ‘Because We Can’ Community Service College Campaign.” I couldn’t have been more excited for this opportunity to work backstage with the Bon Jovi management and production teams the day of the concert, last Thursday (3/14). It was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I now have even more respect and appreciation for all of the people who help make concerts happen… let me tell you why! There was so much going on throughout the day, so I’ll do my best to give a condensed version. :)

Richie from Bon Jovi at Because We Can Tour LouisvilleWe arrived to the YUM! Center around noon the day of the concert and were very quickly assigned tasks by the management team. We were responsible for helping our supervisors with various assignments throughout the day, from ticket sales preparation, merchandising, VIP and Fan Club party preparation and more. It was awesome getting to see not only the in’s and out’s of the YUM! Center itself, but to see how much manpower it requires to put on a show. I love concerts and have been to several performances at the YUM! Center in the past couple of years: Lady Gaga (twice!), Taylor Swift, the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB (my favorite), and even got to cheer on the floor at the BU vs. U of L game – so I was really excited to take part in this opportunity. 

Bon Jovi Concert Louisville Because We Can TourWe were able to travel through the YUM! Center and passed by the dressing rooms a couple times (no band interaction, though,) and we also were able to stand in the “pit” (the first three rows of the floor seats) and take pictures and video, just like the rest of the media crew. It was such a thrill! Getting to watch Bon Jovi perform his opening songs and get some great shots from so close was a blast. Ultimately, what truly made this experience the best was how nice and helpful the management crew, as well as the rest of the YUM! Center crew, were to us interns. They took great care of us and made sure we were getting to see everything we wanted to see, and be a part of as many activities as possible. They were also such down-to-earth people, and I loved getting to see their dedication for their job. The supervisors and other volunteers had really great stories to tell and it was nice getting to meet new people. 

Getting to work as an intern for the management crew of the Bon Jovi “Because We Can” tour was truly an experience of a lifetime, and I was honored to be one of the six Bellarmine students selected. We definitely made some great memories, and I’m glad I have my pass, ticket, and even a guitar pick to remember it!

Bon Jovi Because We Can Tour Louisville

Song of the Day: You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi. He opened with this at the concert and really got the crowd going! Here’s his live performance at the YUM! Center: 

Long-Awaited Dinner Spot Opens on 4th Street Downtown

Chipotle Louisville

Looking for a new dinner spot to check out tonight or this weekend? After months of painful waiting, Chipotle has finally opened its doors on 4th Street in Downtown Louisville! When it comes to Mexican fast food restaurants with a modern twist, Louisville has long been a Qdoba-Only city. Bellarmine students can now rejoice in having a close-to-home Chipotle, as the nearest other locations are as far as Cincinnati, OH or Lexington, KY. Chipotle is best known for its burritos made with fresh and quality ingredients, and follows a menu similar to what we’re familiar with at Qdoba. However, from the students I’ve asked, their loyalty is to Chipotle.

I have yet been able to experience the wonderment that is Chipotle, and I’m hoping I can stop by for my first burrito bowl within the next couple of days! 

Don’t Forget About the Presidential Scholarship!


I Want YOU… to apply for the Presidential Scholarship!

If you’re a Bellarmine undergraduate student, working toward your first degree, have completed at least one semester before you send in your application, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, this blog post is for you. There is a special scholarship opportunity that Bellarmine gives out every year called the Presidential Achievement Scholarship, and if you haven’t already received this award or full tuition scholarships, I highly encourage you to try for it, and fill out your application! Applications are due Monday, Feb 25.

The application consists of basic information questions, a handful of short answer questions, an essay, and two teacher recommendations. Here are a couple tips for the process:

I hope that you have already started the process and gave your teachers ample time to write you a recommendation. If you’re just now starting, allow your first task to be getting your teacher recommendations completed. With that said, I’ll move on to the next point.

Out of your two recommendations, one must come from a professor. The other can come from any another faculty/staff/administration member.  Choose wisely and ask in person. Ask teachers that know you well. Also, consider giving your professor a copy of your resume as well as a short personal paragraph so they can write a good recommendation. Be sure to include your ID number as they will need that for the online application! Afterwards it’s always nice to send a handwritten thank-you note to show your appreciation.

The essay normally asks for you to write something along the lines about your college experience. Dig back to the times you had to write those moving, personal essays to get into college, and use that mindset when you write this essay. Share with them special stories about what has been significant to you and get personal. Writing from the heart helps show your effort and dedication.

I was very happy to receive the Presidential Achievement Scholarship last year and definitely think it is a good opportunity. It helps our college get to know you better as a student, and may also help open doors for other opportunities in the future!

Here are some other links that may help you along the way, too.

“Will you be my recommendation” – Bellarmine ARC

My.bellarmine site – click on the application in the bottom left!

More info on Presidential Scholarship 

Good luck!

Song of the day: Troublemaker by Olly Murs and Flo-Rida. Olly sounds like a good blend of Adam Levine (Maroon 5) with the 90′s boy-band vibe. Enjoy!

Random Acts of Kindness

Puppy Love from Sandy’s Pet Shop!

My faith in humanity was definitely restored tonight. Let me tell you why: earlier tonight, I was multitasking, balancing laundry and homework, and had a load of clothes finishing up in the dryer. After a while, I went to check on my clothes. I walked into our laundry room and noticed that my clothes were neatly folded on the top of my dryer, and there were loads running in both the washer and dryer. I was so taken aback- not only were my clothes dry, but they were nicely folded.

I’ve seen some incredibly poor laundry etiquette while living in the residence halls, where anonymous people toss damp clothes out on the floor and steal your dryer, so this was such a nice and unexpected gesture. After taking my clothes back to my room, I left a little note and a Valentine’s Day Mini-Reese chocolate to thank the “Laundry Fairy” for taking such nice care of my clothes. 

So, if you’re out there reading this… thank you so much, again, for being so nice. The little things like that truly mean so much. 

Want some other sweet examples of random acts of kindness? Check out this Buzzfeed article. There are 26 heartwarming pictures!

Song of the day: Let it Roll by Flo Rida. One of my good friends, Anthony, played it for me this past weekend and I LOVED it!

Never Stop Searching

I know that we’ve been in this new year for eleven days now, but there is a video clip that has continued to resonate with me ever since, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. Google had a commercial to wrap up the end of 2012 that was a compilation/highlight reel of events throughout the year. While it features trials and tribulations, it celebrates many captivating and inspiring moments. I know people have been really stressed lately as we all adapt to new classes and new schedules, so I knew this would be worth sharing. This video gave me faith and motivation and I loved re-discovering the ad today. Enjoy!

Exploring Internships

InternClasses here at Bellarmine teach us so much, but what truly makes our education go full circle is being able to apply what we’ve learned in class to real world situations. They give us opportunities to strengthen the skills we already have, while learn so much more. They help us gain unique experience and cover the concepts that there really aren’t classes for. We aren’t taught “water cooler conversation” or “how to deal with grumpy vendors or coworkers” or “how to make your supervisor proud.” Being an intern does just that.

After being an intern for Community Foundation of Louisville since last February- and through this spring semester- I have thoroughly grown to understand and appreciate the value and importance of internships. Many majors here require for students to have internships and take a special course coinciding with their time interning.  Deadlines for enrolling in an internship credit class are coming up soon, and I encourage you all to look into the options available for your major.

If you are interested in participating in spring or summer internships, a great first step is to make sure your resume is organized, up to date, and ready to be sent to potential employers. Both Ann Zeman ( and Todd Reale ( of Career Services are great help with creating, editing, and formatting resumes. Ann helped me clean up my resume last spring and assisted me in my first cover letter- her hard work and caring helped me get the internship I have now!

Once your resume is ready to go, work with Ann or Todd to search internship opportunities, or simply explore on your own. Ann suggests for students to visit , and

If you find a good fit, apply! The last date to register for an internship this semester is Friday, January 25. If you do not apply for the internship class, you will not get academic credit. Your Internship Application and Registration Form and written proposal must be approved, signed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by 5 p.m on Friday, 1/25. Don’t let the class credit deadline deter you from looking for opportunities. I got my internship in February, so I didn’t get to get credit for it, but kept the internship through last fall where I was able to get credit!

Internships provide the information we need to help us prepare for careers post-graduation. Bellarmine prepares us well in class, and we get to exercise the skills we learn as well as gain real-world experience in internships. Don’t miss your chance! If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment!

Instead of my usual song of the day, here’s a really funny video about fast food drive-thru pranks. Gave me a good laugh!